FDI Leads To Auto Mobile Parts Industry

In India the auto mobile industry is still booming due to large population and its growth attract many business names to invest in this industry. Auto mobile parts in India are in heavy demand. Since 1991 India has gain several foreign opportunities for invest in automobile parts in India. This increased FDI as boosted India’s economy to great height.

Automobile parts in India are produced at a stunning amount of numbers due to repairing and user numbers available in the country who use it every day to day life.

Production stats (Automobile parts, India)

  1. Car engines (10%)
  2. Spare parts (67%)
  3. Suspension bridges (33%)
  4. Rims (50%)
  5. Glass (61%)
  6. Hydraulic break system (15%)

Major producers of automobile parts India

Anand group: It was established in 1961 and has successfully partnered with leading global automotive engineering frontrunners. With more than 21 partnership across the globe with 15 joint ventures and 6 technical collaborations. Anand group placed as leading automotive supplier in India. This group provides the widest range of solutions to the Indian automotive engineering industry and components. Owning to the rich exposure in business since the last two decades, they have a lot of formulation and good career history behind them. The group is by far most dominant name in Indian manufacturers and continues to thrive with excellent products.

ACMA: (automotive component Manufacturers Association of India is apex body representing the interest of Indian auto mobile parts industry in India. The ACMA work with over 160 countries and represents over 700 companies, this large scale manufacturing results in the 85% of the total manufacturing in the relating industry. In local market as well they try to sell and establish base for the components resulting in market demand as well in home location and export products as well. The wide range of products covered by the company itself show the scale and ranges this group of companies hold. It is definitely one of the most successful organizations in India regarding auto mobile parts and components manufacturing.

Liner Sleeves Auto Industries: Liner Sleeves are eminent as manufacturers and exporters of supreme quality cylinder liners, sleeves and automobile parts in India and across the world .Established in 1975.

Role of the component manufacturers in India

They provide the very basic need of spare parts and body components necessary to manufacture and assemble it in one place. The order kept on large amount with given time period to provide companies with the parts. Though most companies like Fiat play major player in engine manufacturing rest components are very well produced by scattered manufactures across the India and Globe.

So as mentioned above the foreign investment and local manufacturers are more than happy to be at service for large industry chance in India because of population and increasing demand of transport facilities. Though most popular auto mobile parts are manufactured and purchased from foreign manufacturers but the end product is assembled in India. It’s a well-established business and all big names like Tata motors and Maruti etc. are all in for good money by providing services of automobiles to the general population of India.

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