Fascinating Ideas To Remodel Your Attic

Fascinating Ideas To Remodel Your Attic

Does your house have an attic waiting to become comfortable bedroom, living room or play room? Many homes do. Before you start remodeling your attic, it must pass some tests for structural adequacy and comfort.

Here’s what to look for:

How’s your attic built? There are chances to build an addition more cost-effectively than remodel your attic. You can start with the remodeling process immediately if you see a network of A-shape rafters to support the roof.

Think up and down! Think about how you will get up and down. Choose the best option for your space.

How’s the Temperature? Consult air-conditioning and heating contractor to calculate the cost of routing ducts.

Evaluate Light and Access. If your attic is dark, you may need to add skylights or windows.

Assess the Plumbing. If your plans include a kitchen and bathroom, try to position them above the same rooms on the floor below to avoid the need to cut a hole in the room for a new vent stack or reduce costs.

Attics have lots of potential for a comfy extra room.


Stop making your parents sleep on a pull out bed. If your home lack a room, consider converting your attic into a usable sleeping zone. This room can also be ideal for your live-in nanny too. With light walls, sunny windows, and cozy blankets, your parents will feel like they are sleeping in a luxury hotel.


Open concept houses often lack a room for children to play. You may need to keep an eye on your babies while they are playing, but once they are old enough to be safe on their own, moving all that yelling and banging to a separate playroom can be nice. Your attic could be just a magnificent place or your kids. Make sure to use chalkboard paint and playful artwork for the walls. Keep your kids entertained with puzzles, and other toys.


Want to save some money and time? Cancel your gym membership and buy a yoga mats and balls. Your attic can be a perfect place to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Choose calming colors and decorate the space with some plants to create a zen-like room for meditation and yoga.


If you don’t have enough privacy in your small house, then consider adding a comfy nook upstairs. Your attic can be an ideal place to have a private conversation. The best part is that you don’t have to use filters while speaking. If you are a gamer, or love watching movies, you can turn your attic into a comfy place just for you. If you install plush seating and a popcorn maker, the chances that you may never visit the local theater again are big.


Having a separate space from your kitchen that is designed for birthday parties, anniversaries, and any other type of celebration will make every event fun and memorable. Create a few seating areas, set up a sweet wet bar and enjoy the music with your friends.

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