Sex tapes have long been a topic of much speculation and have been in news in different parts of the world. Prior to knowing the facts behind Paris Hilton sex tape, let us first understand what a sex tape is in the first place.

A sex tape is basically a video recording, wherein either one or multiple well known individuals (mainly celebrities) are shown having intimate physical relationship with each other. Most importantly, these video recordings are made public and this is usually done in some cases without the consent of the celebrities involved in the video and in some other cases, it is done intentionally. In the latter case, it is usually done to gain some publicity. Those videos that are released without the permission of the individuals involved can have damaging effects on the image of the celebrities and in turn jeopardize their career.

Facts About Paris Hilton Sex Tape and Celebrity Sex Tapes

Paris Hilton in Sex Tape

Although there are several celebrities and their sex tapes that have been made public, here we will discuss about the sex tape of Paris Hilton that raised eye brows. Check out details below.

The much talked about sex tape of Paris Hilton is known by the title “1 Night in Paris”. It involves her and her beau Rick Salomon having intimate physical relationship. This tape was recorded in the year 2004.

Interestingly, this video was recorded not to be released or made public. However, in due course the sex tape was released by her beau Rick Salomon. As of to match the timing of the release of the television series “The Simple Life”, in which Paris acted, the release of the tape caused a furor in the industry. Also, the release was not approved by Paris Hilton and the act of her beau infuriated her and she decided to take Rick Salomon to the court for defamation.

There were legal proceedings that carried on for few months when the 2 decided to settle scores out of court. As per records, Paris Hilton received a whopping USD$400,000 as part of the settlement. And it is also believed that the amount she received was partly donated to charity.The video has a running time of more than 60 minutes and the exact date of release of the sex tape was June 15th 2004.

Although the Paris Hilton sex tape infuriated Paris Hilton and ones close to her, yet this video received the AVN Awards in the category of “Best Selling Title of the Year”. The video received the award in the year 2005.

Other Celebrity Sex Tapes

Aside from Paris Hilton, there are several other celebrities that have sex tapes and have remained in news at some point of time or the other. One of the celebrities that was in news for a similar reason is none other than one time best friend of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian. The names of few other celebrities with released sex tapes include the following-

  • Farrah Abraham
  • Katrina Halili
  • Amy Fisher
  • Montana Fishburne
  • Tonya Harding
  • Hulk Hogan
  • John Leslie