Facts About Brazilian Waxing

Facts About Brazilian Waxing

Maybe you have heard several stories about the Brazilian wax until you can’t distinguish between facts and fiction. Some people miss out on the fantastic post-wax experience of the Brazilian style yet what they have been hearing are just myths. It is always useful to arm yourself with the right information so that no one can mislead you. We cannot run away from the fact that waxing has its advantages and disadvantages. However, you can always minimize the downsides of this treatment and make maximum use of its strengths. Here are a few facts about the Brazilian wax that you have to be knowing.

As a woman, one thing you need to understand is that you cannot do waxing during your periods. Some salons may allow you to wax during the periods, but it is not advisable. Someone may be more concerned with your money at the expense of your wellbeing. will always advise you to wait till your periods are over before they can do the waxing. We can refer to this as having the interests of your client at heart. The skin tends to become extremely sensitive after, during, and right before the periods. Therefore, it is wise to book the waxing appointment three days after or before your periods. You will be able to reduce the amount of pain significantly. Let no one cheat you that waxing is extremely painful when she went at the wrong time. Even if the pain is not an issue with you, just think of how unhygienic it can be to do the waxing during the periods. Yes, you can make use of a tampon in plugging it out but is it essential? Just be patient for two or three days and then you will have an immaculate waxing experience.

Another thing you need to understand is that you should allow your hair to grow before you go for waxing. The pubic hair should be at least a quarter an inch before you can expose it to waxing. To be precise, this is approximately the size of a piece of grain rice. The wax will have very little or even nothing to grab on if you decide to trim the hair when it is too short. Therefore, the wax will not remove those hairs that are too tiny. Thus, don’t trim or shave the pubic hair when you only have five days to your Brazilian wax appointment. You need to plan for this upfront so that the Bikini can be ready for the next beach adventure.

Lastly, remember that you will take off your pants and underwear. You should not have any clothing on the lower part of your body. Otherwise, the aesthetician will not be in a position to remove the unwanted hair with your panties. It may sound like common sense, but most people who go for the first Brazilian wax appointment can’t withstand exposing their private parts to a stranger. It may seem frustrating, but you will begin taking your panties down even before the waxer tells you in the following treatments. Waxers are professionals and won’t stare at the forest of hairs in your pubic area.

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