With a vintage styled interior you’ll never lack that sense of romanticism in your home and you’ll always feel like there was a wonderful life and love story written inside your walls. Just imagine living surrounded with things alike to those great Jane Austen used to love – amazing! You rightfully so love vintage style and here some tips that will help you decorate your space in that particular tone.

1. Organize, plan, do

Every great thing starts with an even better plan and same goes for interior decorating. You have to have a clear idea in mind about the way you want everything decorated, what budget you can set aside, how elaborate you want to go in terms of the style you’ve chosen, etc. If you don’t feel like you can do this yourself, consult someone who has done this kind of thing before. You probably have many friends who, just like you have the creative urge inside of them and have gone DIY on their place more than once. Who knows what ideas you may get from simply talking to people!

Fabulous Vintage Living Room Ideas

2. Walls

Walls give structure to any room, your living room included. The color applied on the walls will without a doubt set the tone of the living-room so you need to be smart with what you choose. There are several basic options to turn to when choosing the design of your walls:


Pretty inexpensive and easy to apply. If you opt for painting the walls, for a perfect vintage décor go for colors like beige, eggshell, baby pink/blue, and milky white. Generally, colors that are muted ooze that vintage vibe and set a romantic tone of the room.

Fabulous Vintage Living Room Ideas


Also inexpensive and easy to apply. Wallpapers give you the option of various design and styles. With vintage, choose wallpapers with florals or interesting patterns and ornaments. If you are not sure what a vintage wallpaper is – just Google it. These types of wallpapers have become so popular that they don’t even have another name to that exact one – “vintage wallpapers”.

If you don’t want to go full wallpaper on your place, combine it with paint. You can always choose one wallpaper wall that will, at the same time, be a central wall and paint the other three

Wall Stickers

Cheap, and easy to put up and take down. They come in various patterns and you an even have them custom made. They work best on the space if you combine them with wall paint. Same as wallpapers, vintage wall stickers come in form of flowers, animals (mostly peacocks) and vintage ornaments

Fabulous Vintage Living Room Ideas

3. Mirrors and Photos

Vintage style is wonderful, unique and recognizable in its right. Apart from the charm it carries within, vintage style is different to other interior options as it relies on fine touches of ornaments, accessorize and decorating elements.

Mirrors (usually rhomboid or hexagon shaped) in different sizes put up on the walls create an amazing vintage oomph.

Photos and pictures play a big role in creating a vintage style living room, too. What’s usually done is – one wall of the room is set as a central wall. This wall “carries” all the room decorations.  This is where you hang mirrors and photos/pictures, so that all the attention goes onto it. The photos you choose may be in both black and white and color and they can portray happy family moments, portraits of your loved ones, inspiring quotes and saying, you can even frame a piece of lace… whatever you like and find appropriate. Don’t forget the tone of vintage style is gentle and balanced, so make sure you don’t overdo with anything. Keep it elegant.

4. Carpets and Rugs

For a vintage look, we advise you pick a carpet in eggshell or milky white, stretching wall to wall. It would be great if you found it in wool, as this is the most commonly used material in vintage styled spaces. Carpets and rugs are almost as important as the walls, as they set the entire tone of the space you are decorating. It’s best you’ve chosen a neutral colored rug so you can let yourself go with everything else in the room.

5. Additional Elements

Vintage style loves lace, peacocks, florals and muted colors. Candlesticks, big laced cushions, needlepoint, lamps with interesting lampshades… are the perfected decorating elements for your living-room.

Going vintage in your home may just as well be the most elegant, romantic and stylish thing you can do for your interior. Sure, vintage style isn’t after everyone’s taste but then again – what is? It’s important you are the one loving it!