Being a mother, it is mandatory to be paranoid about everything as they do realize that now the rest of their lives will revolve round their kids. You need to take care of them, nurture them and do everything which makes them satisfied and happy. Though, you cannot keep them happy all the time as this will make them mischievous, but you can always present them with gifts and toys of their interest. Yes, toys which not just entertain your kids but also serve a purpose. And, Fascol brings you a customized range of yours for babies, toddlers, kids and teenagers.

An enjoyable ride to vacation destinations, colleges, parks or school with friends or family will always be cherished by your kid. Being a mother, it is very important to trust in the brands which you choose for your kids. Whether it is an apparel line or a toy market, you need to be 100% assured about the safety of your child. And, the tricycle, mini bikes and trikes from Fascol are designed keeping every safety aspect in mind. The company hasn’t gone wrong with the products at any point.

Being a working mother of a 5 year old and a 1 year old, I desperately needed some items which could give my kids accompany for the whole day while I manage house and work efficiently. And, to my rescue, I purchase the 3 in 1 trike and flashing wheel scooter for my baby and big kid. Believe you me, I haven’t seen my kids happier before. It is certainly the best thing that could happen to them at this age. They love their joyful rides and enjoy every minute of the day, they spend outside. My elder kid is so fond of the scooter that he even takes it to his school.

Designed with top quality products – supreme material, every toy is engaging, durable, fun, attractive and strong. The toy has everything to satisfy your kids. The three in one trike will serve my purpose well for the coming years and the scooter definitely is going to stay for many more years due to the durability and strength of Fascol products. What more could you demand from the money you spending on your kid’s toy- his/ her happiness, longevity, safety for your kids and sweet memories. Well, you have all here and as a mum experience sharing, I strongly recommend it for every other kid of the world for a memorable childhood!