Cosmopolitan lifestyle and work life stress often leave many of us with very little time on hand to be spent with our loved ones and friends. You don’t need to miss out on the most significant aspects of life in pursuit of objectives, performance, turnover and deadlines. Plan a visit to the Kyari camp this holiday season and enjoy blissful moments of togetherness with loved ones.

Kyari camp is a utopia for those who love to go out and explore different places as it offers countless fun-filled activities to the metropolis natives. This unusual place is located in the wilderness of the Kyari village, which is quite near to the famous Kosi River. You would be spellbound after viewing the rich bio-diversity as this region sprawls with beautiful landscape and is a habitat of different types of wildlife. As Kyari camp is basically located on the fringe of the Corbett national park so you no need to worry at all about the accommodation.

You can easily search and book any hotel in Jim Corbett that is nearby this place and have a enjoy discerning Mother Nature in all her splendid glory – the different types of flowers that blossom, and the countless species of birds that fly in the sky and animals that lurk in the jungle.

Experience Paradise by In The Lap Of Nature At Kyari Camp

Moreover, the hotel in Jim Corbett offers the perfect ambience to unwind – with those you truly care for.

How can you reach Kyari camp without much trouble?

Kyari camp is exactly located at Syat village which is close to Kotabagh. It just around 12 km distance that you need to cover from Ramnagar which is again is on outskirts of the Jim Corbett National Park. So, it is always best to book accommodation in the cheap hotel in Jim Corbett as the tourists can reach to the Kyari camp through hired vehicle. They would need to cross the Kosi barrage at Ramnagar and after that take the route to Ramnagar-Kaladhungi highway. Once they reach the Bail-Padav crossing and take the Pawal Garh towards Kotabagh which again will take them to the Syat village. Isn’t that quite easy provided you are coming to Corbett in your own vehicle? Otherwise, you can even hire a paid taxi to drop you both ways.

Why staying in the hotel in Jim Corbett is a better option?

Well, if you are planning a long vacation to unwind and have a good time with your family better would be to book rooms in the hotel in Jim Corbett as it would be easier for you to walk around as well as explore more place rather than just being too near to the Kyari camp. When you would be coming to the Corbett National Park definitely just visiting one place won’t make any sense. Apart from Kyari camp, there are many other things and place you need to visit. Above all these holiday homes in the Corbett national park are known to offer recreational activities which are another good way to have the best time with family members.