A joint effort of Rajasthan tourism development corporation and Indian railways, the pioneer of luxury train travel helps you to experience onboard royalty with Palace on Wheels train. With her maiden journey on January 26, 1982 the finest luxury train in Asia has undergone various modifications to keep up with the modern technology.

However, the ostentatious decor provides ambiance of the erstwhile Kings, Nizams, and Foreign Dignitaries who used these royal carriages to move from one region to another. India has a rich culture history and these carriages named after the 14 royal regions of Rajasthan showcases this ancient heritage of India.

Experience Onboard Royalty With Palace On Wheels Train

Palace on Wheels won many nominations at World Travel Awards and was the leading award winner over several years. The effort taken to keep the train up – to – date with other world luxury trains has won her another feather in the cap – the PATWA Award 2018 at Berlin, Germany.

The opulent interiors and state-of-the-art onboard facilities makes the guests experience the elegance of royalty onboard the Palace on Wheels. Moreover, this coupled with the world class fragile hospitality and wall hangings, portraits, decor makes you feel almost like an ancient ruler!

The itinerary for this week long journey also provides for time between schedules so guests can make the most out of it. They can go shopping for souvenirs, leather goods, handicrafts, fabric, etc. They also get to have boat rides, camel ride, elephant ride & a grant welcome to experience the pampering of the kings.

Guests can witness various culture performances that was previously entertainment for the maharajahs to watch while going on a joy trip. Also, some of the heritage monuments have a portion dedicated to deluxe premium super luxury hotels.

Guests are served a lavish & delectable dinner /lunch here based on the itinerary at times. There are optional health spa to rejuvenate after a long & tiring sightseeing trip at specific city hotel. So, check out the Palace on Wheels itinerary to see all the activities onboard the Palace on Wheels. While the carriages are named after the regions ruled by Kings of ancient times, the interiors also display portraits of various dynasties’ rulers. Even the name of the dining cars is suitable to make you feel and be served like ‘King & Queen’. The dining cars are named – Maharajah & Maharani respectively.

The 2 onboard lavish restaurants serve world cuisine including traditional Rajasthani, Continental, European,& Oriental. Get a taste of the lip-smacking dishes in the restaurants with opulent decor, side lamp posts, and a large window to look out while enjoying your food. The bar serves alcoholic and non – alcoholic beverages to suit guests needs.

The sitting lounge is the best place to relax while traveling to the next destination. It gives the ideal look and decor of the palace halls and official meeting place for kings. So you can check it out truly in the decor of the Palace on Wheels.

Each guest carriage has an attendant to take care of any doubts you have or help you out with the facilities, etc. The cabins have twin beds with pillows and space under the cot to tuck empty luggage away. There is also a small draw box that serves as a night stand and a safe lock too. Each cabin has a writing desk to write down anything you like.

Moreover, the large window allows you to look outside at the landscape passing when the train moves in the daytime. Washrooms have every facility including a shower area, hot & cold (optional) running water, WC, wash basin, toiletries, bath linen, etc. The cabins are also equipped with charging facility & laundry (chargeable) services too.

Travel in the same carriages that were utilized by the kings for their personal and official trips. So, you get to experience onboard royalty with Palace on Wheels at least once in your lifetime.