Exotic Flavours of Cakes from Around the World


Cakes are popular everywhere in the world. Did you ever hear a ‘no’ when you offered a cake to someone? Your answer should be an ‘NO’! Every age group of people loves cakes on whatever the occasion is. Especially a birthday, an anniversary or a marriage ceremony cannot be celebrated without a delicious cake.

Online shopping is the easiest way to get cake delivery in UK, Australia, Germany and various other countries in the world. Let me introduce you 5 unusual different varieties of mind-blowing cakes from across the world. Here they are:


The souffle is a famous cake of France.  This cake is typically French! The flavour of a souffle is sure to blow you up with its unique character. It is prepared with egg yolks and beaten whites. To create your version of souffle, you can add up your sort of ingredients to it like chocolate, fruits, jams, etc.

Passionfruit Sponge cake

The flavour of passionfruit is the most intense one in the world. It is definitely one of the sunniest, brightest and zingiest flovours around. This is a perfect one to use in a cake. Either fill it in the cake or make the icing with it. The ultimate passionfruit cake will be a spongy one! Yum!


Babka cake is originated in the Eastern Europe. It is spongy. Babka contains chocolate swirls and cinnamon in it, which give it a distinctive taste. Different icing techniques with vanilla, nuts, candied fruits or rum can add some zing to the cake.

Carrot cake

Yes, you heard it right- a vegetable in a cake! Even if you are not a carrot lover, you should try for the super yummy carrot cake with a lovely structure. Remember you should add something to a carrot cake preparation, which is a perfect match to carrots, like walnuts, nutmeg and cinnamon. The sum of the flavours can make it a perfect daytime snack!


This a popular one in the world, especially for weddings and luxury occasions. This is another french delight that is favoured with its cream puff choux. Its taste explosions in the mouth with the caramels in it, makes you mad over it.

Other than these, cupcakes are also favourites of everybody. Along with the above cakes, make cupcake delivery in UKand other countries in the world to your loved ones. These flavours from the world will definitely make them happy!

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