Today’s executives face increasing pressure to constantly perform at the top of their game. Unfortunately, this can lead to addiction to painkillers and opiates in an attempt to get more done and overcome physical limitations. Unfortunately, executives desiring to overcome their addiction often find that traditional rehab programs simply don’t meet their unique needs. These high powered individuals must continue to run their companies, maintain a professional corporate appearance and balance family needs, all while attempting to detox. That is why the Waismann Method center designed their one-of-a-kind executive addiction treatment programs which address the specific needs and desires of executives.

Executive Detox - Fulfilling Needs And Desires Of Executives

Understanding Executive Painkiller Addiction

Executives often appear to have everything under control, but things can spiral downward quickly when prescription painkillers enter the equation.

Executives, like the general population, often begin taking prescription painkillers to ease headaches or other physical injuries. However, as professional pressures to maintain profits and other business needs increase, they often take more painkillers to make it through the day. When added to personal responsibilities and other existing medical problems, executives can feel overwhelmed and quickly become addicted to prescription painkillers.

Eventually, painkillers make it impossible for them to continue performing at the same high level that they are accustomed to and their professional and personal worlds begin to fall apart.  Once an executive recognizes they are at this point, they can seek treatment using one of the executive detox programs at the Waismann Method Detox Center.

Choosing the Right Executive Detox Program                         

Finding the right executive rehab program is very similar to making any other important business decision and usually involves weighing the pros and cons of each program against each other.  Executives should seek out programs that are specifically designed for their needs because they cater to the unique needs of these individuals such as confidentiality and efficiency as well as luxurious and thorough medical care. Executives are far more likely to achieve long-term recovery success with an executive detox program than with a general drug treatment program.  At the Waismann Method center, one of the top 10 luxury rehabs in California, we know that no two executives are alike and customize each of our treatment plans to meet the patient’s individualized needs. Working with the executive, we develop a plan that involves choosing the appropriate detox protocol, treatment for co-occurring medical issues, assessing mental health history, determining length of treatment and determining aftercare recovery support.

Executive Detox Programs and Executive Drug Rehab Retreats

Detoxification is the first step to overcoming addiction to opiate painkillers and our executive rehab program using rapid opiate detox provides a safe and effective method of removing opiates from the body. Our rapid detox process occurs in a private room of a full-service hospital  and focuses on a calm inpatient environment that caters to high-end lifestyles and on the patient’s unique personal and medical needs.

Following rapid detox, executive drug rehab continues in our exclusive Domus Retreat, which provides an array of treatments designed to maintain successful recovery. Treatments are all designed with the high-end executive’s preferences in mind. For example, during recovery, executives can continue fulfilling business needs in their private suites, by working via a laptop any time that they are not undergoing specific treatments. This allows executives to remain productive while still fulfilling their immediate recovery needs. This also serves to assist executives in maintaining an appropriate professional appearance as well as caring for personal needs during their recovery period. All of these amenities are designed to cater to busy professionals while still maintaining a focus on their healthy recovery.