Tennis players had some very tough, lengthy games during this year’s Wimbledon. They provided heaps of entertainment for millions of TV viewers and the lucky tennis fans who managed to get tickets for Wimbledon. But how much do the winners – and losers – stand to make?

Everything You Need to Know About Wimbledon Prize Money

How Much Is Wimbledon Money Spent on Prizes?

The total prize pot in 2018 is £34 million, with both the men’s and women’s singles champions receiving a cool £2.25 million. The runners-up in the Wimbledon finals receive £1.125 – half of what the winner gets. The winners in the men’s doubles and ladies’ doubles receive £450,000, while the mixed doubles’ winners get £100,000.

Previously in Wimbledon

Prize money has moved on leaps and bounds in the past few years. In 2000 the prize money was £8,056,480, with the men’s champion receiving £477,500 and £430,000 for the women, while the men’s doubles were awarded £195,630 and the women’s doubles were handed £176,070. Even those who were knocked out in the first round earned £39,000 this year. But Wimbledon did introduce a new rule to say that injured players who were in the tournament draw can still receive 50% of the money awarded to first-time losers if they had to withdraw through injury.

Everything You Need to Know About Wimbledon Prize Money

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