The start of the 2017-18 football season is not that far away, and top teams from Europe are launching their new kits. They generally follow their regular colours but usually have a slightly different design from previously. Here we have a guide to the new strips for some of the best teams in Europe.

According to the Mirror, the UK’s most supportive fans pay out an incredible £20 billion per year following their chosen sport. Fans of football in the UK account for £5 billion of this amount, with money being spent on travelling to matches, season tickets, TV channels that show football, as well as replica shirts and football kit. All football clubs enjoy showing off their new kit, and the European clubs are no exception.


AS Roma have a red shirt with yellow border on the back and sides. It includes the words ‘We are Roma’ inside the neck at the back. The main change on the kit for Juventus is the new club badge, with this season’s kit representing the past, present and future of the Serie A club. They still have their traditional black and white striped shirt with white shorts and white socks. Inter Milan’s kit is still traditional black and blue, and the shirt features various vertical stripes.


Barcelona’s new shirt is the traditional red and royal blue with the collar reflecting the Catalan flag. The whole kit has taken inspiration from the history and culture of this famous club. Real Madrid have stuck with their traditional white strip, which this season also includes a small stamp in honour of the club’s 115-year history.

Europe's Top Clubs Release 2017-18 Strips

Germany and France

The strip of Paris St Germain is a midnight blue shirt featuring a red chevron as well as a blue stripe that runs the length of the shirt and shorts. The 2017-18 strip of Bayern Munich is a nod to the strip of the 1970s, with a shirt in traditional red featuring thin white stripes, while Borussia Dortmund’s kit is yellow with black stripes and black ribbed collar. Such football team kits are available from places like

So if you were thinking of investing in a shirt or even a whole strip for your favourite European club, then hopefully this has given you some idea of what you will have to buy.