Life can be quite stressful on a day to day basis with looking after family, work and oneself. However sometimes we might face unfavourable situations that can be hard to cope. This may be things like loss of a love one, serious illness or financial loss and sometimes we might go through trauma due to this. What is trauma? It is the physiological and emotional response a person experiences after going through unfortunate and often life changing event.

Essentials For Trauma Counselling

It is important to contact a professional when you do. Give below are some essentials for trauma counselling Brisbane.

The first step in this type of counselling is to build a strong and trusting relationship with the counsellor.

The next step is to identify the active links that cause the trauma, which is also known as triggers. Once you have identified these, minimize the exposure and also helping to avoid thinking about these horrible incidents that cause a flood of unwanted memories to come back.

There are several essential strategies to remember in order to cope with dealing with a traumatic event. These are as follows:

  • Ensure you are safe
  • Pick the correct time
  • Keep going slow and start with the small things
  • Practice and learn coping skills
  • Think about the type of medication you consume
  • Plan before you react to anything
  • Learn when you need to slow down and when to speed up
  • Pick the right people to stay beside you for support
  • Think about how your behaviour might impact others in your life
  • Think about your goals
  • You have the choice of telling your story or not
  • Learn the inside out of trauma

Essentials For Trauma Counselling

There are some things to remember when faced with a traumatic situation:

It’s not your fault: getting out of a tricky situation can be a hard thing to do for a lot of people. Everyone has reasons of their own but the most important thing to remember is that it is not your fault. You did not ask to be in this position. If we are living with an abusive partner or parent, they try hard to make us feel responsible for something that we did not do. If you close to the person, you might try to change them but sometimes things just have to be left as they are and you should try to get away from situations where you know you’ll get hurt.

There is an escape route out of this: Many people find themselves trapped in unfortunate situations. This may be so due to many reasons such a fear of payback from their abuser or lack of resources or emotional support. However this is not the truth. There are special government bodies and people to help those who have been through traumatic situations. There are websites and phone numbers that one must have if they know they will be facing a hard situation that will be difficult to cope.

It is important to think about what you are going through and accept the reality of the situation. Once that is done, slowly let people close to you know what’s been happening and allow them to support and console you. Start slow and tell them everything. Visit a therapist and get regular counselling sessions. Slowly change your daily routine so you don’t have to remember the horrible incidents that caused you to go through the trauma in the first place. Try to find what helps you with coping through panic attacks. Everyone copes and reacts in a different. Some enjoy meditation, some like to talk to family and friends and some like shopping or cooking. Once you find what works best for you, keep up the routine and try to slowly build a new life.

Getting out of traumatic event is never easy but by following the above tips, you have a good chance of improving your condition.