In the ever changing world of fashion the emphasis is always on looking ahead to see what the new season trends are going to be, so with that in mind, we can take a quick look at what we’ll be wearing in spring 2017.

All the big fashion houses are tipping hot colours for spring 2017 such as fuchsia pink and canary yellow, but classic colours like sage green and royal blue continue to be popular as they suit all ages and flatter all shapes.

Essentials For Spring 2017

Statement Sleeves

According to London Fashion Week, the overall trend this spring is heading towards the over-sized whether that means the whole outfit or just aspects of it. For example, statement sleeves are in this year, which is good news for those who aren’t quite ready to put their bare arms on show! Sleeves that are bell-shaped, ruffled, fluted, over-long or embellished with jewels or embroidery are set to make any outfit stand out from the crowd.

Pyjama Robe Coat

Following on from last year’s fad for wearing pyjamas as outdoor wear, as showcased by the likes of Cara Delevigne; this year’s must-have coat is the pyjama robe coat. Championed by Burberry the pyjama robe coat is intended to be worn casually over jeans or dressed up for a night out. Although most of the pyjama robe coats you’ll find in the shops are in fairly lightweight materials such as silk or cotton we think a more practical option would be a real wool knitted coat such as those at Aran Crafts, which is a much better bet for our unpredictable spring weather!

Wide Leg Trousers

The skinny jean or jegging is pushed aside this year as wide legs make a comeback. Wide leg trousers are so much easier to wear and much more flattering for most shapes. Even cropped trousers or culottes will be wide this year and the trend is for more fluid fabric for a better drape. For those on the shorter side though, who may feel swamped by a wide leg, straight-leg trousers were still in evidence on the catwalks.

The 80s are Back!

Everything comes back around at least once and spring/summer 2017 will be celebrating all things 80s. That means shoulder pads – if you dare – statement earrings and power dresses with nipped-in waists. The slogan tee-shirt is back too.

Athleisure Wear

The trend for athleisure wear started last year when the emphasis was on looking like you’d come straight from the gym or running track. The look is watered down a little for 2017 with the emphasis now more on comfort and ease of wear. Sweat pants will be looser and wider of leg with tops equally relaxed in the fit. Cashmere is a big thing this year in leisure wear as it is both warm, practical and easy to wear.

Natural Fabrics

People are beginning to fall out of love with fast fashion and scratchy, man-made fabrics which soon start to lose shape and vibrancy. The trend, both in fashion and homewares, is increasingly leaning towards sustainability.

We want to know how and where our clothes are made and we want to know that they are ethically produced. And, with budgets getting ever tighter for most of us we want our clothes to last. Natural fabrics like pure wool, cotton and silk are those which stand the test of time; they are hard wearing, will stand multiple washes and keep us warm in cold weather or cool in hot weather.

The Danish trend of ‘hygge’ which took us all by storm in 2016 shows no sign of slowing down. The desire to be cosy and warm will always be the overriding concern whatever the fashion houses may say.

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