When it comes to modest clothing, it is not about wearing a cloak type dress. It must suit your figure type, your complexion, height, etc.

Have you any idea about your body type? Yes, many of you may not know it. But, once you are going to buy Modest clothing, you should be aware about that.

Essential Tips On Modest Dressing According To Your Body Type

Different Types of Body Types of Women

All woman are not of thesame type of body. There are some women who have alean middle portion, but heavy upper and lower section. Also, you may have heavy back and petite figure. So, here are the different types of body you should know before buying clothes-

  1. Rectangular Body– If you have a little waist and the shoulder and hip are of thesame width, you belong to this group. You have slender arms and legs.
  2. Pear– The shape is quite clear. Here, your bust portion is proportionately narrower than your hip portion. Your waistline is well-defined and the shoulders are narrow and thighs are fuller.
  3. Apple– This is just the opposite type of the pear-shaped body. Here, your bust size is wider than the lower body part. Your arms and legs are slender.
  4. Hourglass Figure– This is the best type of figure that every girl dreams to have. This type of body includes well-defined waistline where your bust and hip is of thesame The curvy body is desired by all.

How to Choose Dress Based on Body Style

  1. What to Wear If You Have Rectangular Body Shape

Usually, this body type is ideal for all types of dresses suit you. So, you are blessed! You can get any silhouette that will work with your shape. You can choose amaxi dress with astraight cut. Wide-leg pants or shirts, tucking in your skirt will also make you look adorable. Shift-dresses are another option for you.

  1. Do You Have Pear Shape? Wear These

You have to be tricky while dressing up. As your hip portion is heavy, you need to minimize it and thighs must be camouflaged. You can experiment with tops and neckline. Go for free-flowing skirts or A-line dresses. But, you should not buy mermaid dress. You should also avoid dropped waist tops and dresses as that will exemplify your hip portion.

  1. Tips for Apple Shaped Body Types

If you can minimize your waistline, you know the tricks to dress up. You can buy kaftan dresses online or long flowy tops will suit you the most. You can wear short tops with skirts and pants but never tuck it inside.

  1. Hourglass Figure Is Gifted!

This is the most coveted body type. Still, while dressing up modestly, you need to know the tricks to hide the curves. You can wear boyfriend shirts. Long flowing tops, jackets, etc. Avoid maxi dress.

Hopefully, you get to know how to choose the perfect dress according to your body type. So, from now on, when you will shop online or from any rental shops, you can pick the perfect dress without any hesitation.