Are you fed up with the traditional trucking jobs that you have been doing? Do you think that there has to be something a little more motivating out there in this vast industry? Perhaps you would like to find something with a little less pressure and fewer worries. This possibly is the right time for you to step away and start your own business.

Brandon Foster, the owner of the reputed Champion Truck Lines company says that a trucking business can begin with just one truck to several numbers of trucks owned by a company. How, then, does one grow this kind of business from a single truck to several numbers of trucks used to transport all kinds of goods throughout the nation? Listed below are some of the tips provided by Brandon Foster Tulsa that can help you to start your own trucking company and will assist your company to reach newer heights of success:

  • The first important that that you should do is to create a business plan for your trucking company. In the business plan, include information about what you want to achieve as an owner. Concentrate on the strategies that you will use to be effective, including what types of accounts you will service.
  • Find out how your trucking business will operate whether it will be run using sub-contractors as drivers or you will have your own employees and equipment. Running the business with sub-contractor drivers can actually help you to cut down on startup costs, equipment cost and insurance cost. On the other hand, running a trucking business with own employees and equipment gives you complete control over your employees and business, and guarantees the maximum return on profits.
  • Subject to the type of trucking business you plan to operate, numerous vital requirements may be required such as Federal DOT Number and Motor Carrier Authority Number, Heavy Use Tax Form (2290), BOC-3 Filing, IRP or International Registration Plan and IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement.
  • In addition to this, you will need to obtain the necessary insurances required to sustain the business and comply with health and safety standards and regulations.

Besides all these, you will need to construct your client base to get transportation accounts and contracts. The trucking industry is so competitive that it makes receiving contracts problematic. As a start-up business, you most possibly will not have the name required to get large contracts. Many trucking businesses start with a single truck by using small business trade shows and local contracts, to construct a client base. As you effectively complete these jobs, you will be able to grow your business and contract bigger jobs.

Brandon Foster Tulsa has several years of experience in the field of leadership, transportation, logistics, freight, DOT compliance, team leadership and all these has helped his company, Champion Truck Lines to become one of the most prosperous trucking company in the entire United States.

So, if you are planning to start a trucking company, you can take help of the above mentioned tips provided by Mr. Foster.