Are you planning to start a youtube channel? If you are going to do it just for fun, just hop on to some other post. This post is meant for those serious people who are willing to put in time and energy to start a career on youtube. They want to become the next youtube star (not the type that actually goes out into outer space, but hey)!

So, what you need to become the next youtube star? You definitely need lots of passion, a unique and creative idea, good amount of time and hard work. But above all, you require the proper set of equipment to make sure that all your efforts meet the required standard.

In this post, I am going to list the most important equipment you need to start a youtube channel as a professional.

A Good Quality DSLR

Do you know which camera is most commonly use by YouTubers around the world? It’s the 20.2 MP Canon EOS 70D. With the MRP around $1500, this camera has one of the most significant features a youtube requires – a flip screen. Many YouTubers upgraded to this camera from the predecessor Canon T3i just because of this feature.

Apart from the flip screen, video autofocus and touch screen make the deal even more lucrative. Although you can pick up the wide range of lenses for your DSLR, as a youtube, you would need a 35mm lens for wider, low light, shallow depth of view (aka bookah) shots and an 18-35 mm lens for usual shots.


Just like the battle between Nikon and Canon, there is a never-ending battle between monopods and tripods. Which one is better? Both are not supposed to be compared as they’re meant for the different purpose.

Monopods are fit for shooting moving objects while tripods shoot stationary objects better. If your youtube channel is going to have you sit down and talk to viewers, a tripod will do. You need a tripod to sit at home and shoot and a monopod to shoot while you’re on the go. Best brands for these? Gitzo And Manfrotto.


DSLR is perfect for photography and videography, but its sound quality sucks. Unless you want to look like a harsh animal, you need a good quality microphone. Rode Video Mic Pro is a basic but highly recommended microphone which is great for background noise cancellation and enhancing your voice.

Equipment You Need To Be The Next Youtube Star


Lighting can make a great difference in your video quality. Although DSLRs are good at low light shooting, you must have proper lighting equipment for best results. Many YouTubers prefer natural light but let’s be honest! You can’t always force yourself to shoot right when the sun is up. Moreover natural light changes and isn’t good for making longer videos. We recommend this lighting kit for it’s complete and affordable.

Vlogging Camera

Do you want to be a vlogger? Documenting your life can be fun and can fetch you a good amount of money and fame. Look at vloggers like Joey Graceffa, they document their life and not every time they do it using a DSLR. A vlogging camera is a must. But which one should you buy? There are two vlogging cameras which are very popular – Canon PowershotG7X which is used by the very popular superwoman and Canon Vixia Mini X (used by superwoman) which is the current favourite of some very known faces in vlogosphere.

Video Editing Software

They say you don’t need much editing at the beginning. They’re just trying to ensure you don’t become a competition and a youtube star.

A properly edited video looks much more professional and watchable. It will take you some time, but editing is a great skill a youtube must know of. The best video editing software are Adobe Premiere Pro (for Windows) and Final Cut Pro (for Mac).

Apart from video editing, services like pic monkey can help you make beautiful thumbnails and is a great asset.

Now that you know of the equipment required, why don’t you get started? Work hard. Be creative. And we will see you when you’re a youtube star.