A lot of medical complexities with varying degrees of severity popup as and when one reach the dusk of life. Advanced age enables us to lose our vitality and gradually, decreases the performance capacity of our various body parts. With attaining elderliness, our oral health suffers a severe blow more often than not. Most importantly, our teeth run the risk of undergoing decay. Toothless jaws indeed make it difficult to consume some of the favorite dishes we have savored all our life.

In order to avoid these miseries, it is more important to go for thorough dental checkups in a routinely manner after one crosses 50. According to some of the eminent emergency dentists in Mill Hill, regular checkups help to identify a lot of dental issues well in advance. Thus, it becomes easier to overcome those problems as well.

Some of the common oral health-related issues faced at old age are as following:

  • Dry mouths – As the mouth runs out of saliva, it becomes difficult to resist various bacterial infections at old age. Moreover, in a dry mouth the teeth miss the necessary lubricant and become more prone to decay. To avoid this outcome, it is advisable to increase the water intakeon a daily basis. There are also sugar-free gums available these days. These products also prove helpful to an impressive extent.
  • Gum inflammation – It is another common symptom relevant to our dental health and wellbeing. The inflammation may result in an array of ghastly situations including bleeding and infected gums. These problems usually turn chronic and do not seem to get resolved at any point of time. A set of harmful bacteria is usually responsible for the problems. However, regular visit to dentists indeed prove helpful to resolve these issues.
  • Crowded teeth – In the course of life, our teeth keep shifting their positions. At old age, this natural shifting of the teeth may create serious inconveniencies. Most importantly, it may trap food particles between the gaps, which may result in bacterial infection at those locations. These days, light orthodontics proves to be helpful to resolve the problem of crowding teeth.
  • Oral cancer – However, the most serious threat – in form of oral cancer – is reserved for folks who smoke or are addicted to chewing tobacco. As such, people who are used to the kind of lifestyle mentioned just above are found to be more prone to the fatal disease of cancer. Quitting the habit of smoking is a great step in itself towards enjoying life up to its rim.

According to the experts from the Mill Hill dental surgeryunit, a sound oral health is somewhat challenging but not difficult to maintain at advanced ages. With appropriate care and consciousness, an increasing number of aged folks are leading exemplary life on the aspect of dental well-being.