With the increasing incidents of people faking their own identity and trespassing into restricted areas, the administrative bodies have become worried and in order to retain their safety, they’ve resided on technology, and came up with the scientific testing of biometric. Biometrics refer to the automatic identification or verifying the identity of the living persons using their various enduring physical and behavioral characteristics. Numerous body parts, personal traits and other imaging methods have been adopted for using the biometric systems and that includes  fingers, hands, feet, faces, eyes, ears, teeth, veins, voices and the list is pretty long.

Ensure Safety Within Your Territory Locking It Beyond Set Passwords

Cox & Kings Global Services which was found in 2008 and mainly focused on providing the Passport and Visa services dealing in integrating the international relations, extended their arena by providing dependable Biometrics Solution to their clientèle. Digital Photographs and Finger prints are captured maintaining the International Standards as pre-set by the International Civil Aviation Organization. The systems that CKGS deploy to their clientèle are highly compatible with the solutions provided. The fingerprints, in the order of 4+4+2 are digitally collected in the modules and not a single data can be retained by the local media. They even provide the facility of getting it covered through a CCTV and the authority can have a view of the videos recorded through any of the IP enabled cameras.

There are various types of Biometric identification depending on the physical characteristic that it lends. Some of them are discussed below.

  • The ridges in the finger print starts developing right from the fourth month while you’re in your mother’s fetus. As a man gets older the ridges expand and get bigger, but the space between them remains constant and it is unique for every individual. Hence it is used as one of the primary characteristic for identification in biometric.
  • Palm Vein Authentication uses an infra-red beam penetrating the palm of the user and the veins within the wrist are reflected on the machine as mere black lines. The vein pattern in each individual hand is complex and so the authentication is definitely unique. Also it is very difficult for the machines to counterfeit as the veins are internal part of the body and no one can deviate it.
  • This is one of the modes of verification that is in use since he 1930’s. A retina scan analyses the capillary blood vessels in the eye which remains same throughout life. The scanner uses a low-intensity light penetrating through the eyes and making an image of the eye with the help of the blood vessels.

Apart from these major three, there are also iris scan & face recognition systems that are used for having the unique identification tested. CKGS provides all these various types of identification method and they’ve got a registered service. So if you’re facing any trouble regarding illegal trespassing that threats your safety within your own territory, feel free to take their help. Their systems are often suggested by many of their clients who use them.