Sydney is  a place which has a lot to offer to the tourists in the form of unspoiled beaches, Public gardens,  wonderful harbour, the most gorgeous blue mountains and of course the shopping places and the restaurants. Sydney is one of the most vibrant cities of Australia and is considered the Gateway to Australia. If you love driving and are ready for a leisurely drive you could also enjoy the picturesque Sydney to Melbourne coastal drive or visit the home of wineries called the Hunter valley which is about 2 hour drive from Sydney. The Sydney car hire will help you to hire a car of your choice and explore Sydney the way it deserves to be explored, slowly and entirely, savoring the beauty in a la leisurely manner.

Enjoying What Sydney Has To Offer At Your Own Pace

From where can you hire the car?

Equipped with two domestic terminals and one International terminal and a many excellent locations a few hour drive away from the City, Sydney airport is the most important area of activity and the process of car hire sydney can start from the Airport itself.  Choosing and booking cars on the net will ensure that you enjoy a stress- free holiday.

Types of cars available for rental

you could choose a car of your choice based on the number of people and the number of days you wish to travel, where you wish to go and of course, your budget. The cars that are available for car hire Sydney fall under different categories like

  • Mini
  • Economy
  • Compact
  • Intermediate
  • Full size
  • Premium or luxury car
  • An SUV
  • Minivan and
  • Convertible

You could hire the car of your choice by choosing the vehicle, ensuring the availability on the date you want, negotiate the deal and finalize it as much like you fix up your accommodation.

 Sydney Car hire- an overview

  • You can avail car hire services at the airport, from the airport, in the suburbs or a rural location. Off- airport pick up is suggested because you get to avoid extra surcharges.
  • Most car rental companies specify that the age of the renter should be more than 25 years and he should possess a valid driver’s license for at least one year. The car hire companies also provide customer service, when you are in need, through their reservation team. You just need to call them to get help.
  • All cars are fitted with a navigation system, which makes the drive to the destination easier
  • Toll roads in Sydney follow a cashless system, discuss with the car rental company and get them to fix electronic tags, so that you can pass through the tolls.

Sydney is a city with a good public transport system, but if you wish to savor the beauty of the city at length, it is better to hire a car, as you need not stick to timetables. You can move about at a pace you like.