If you are one among those fascinating people who are passionate about bikes the Suzuki gixxer sf is a fresh venture that must fit your garage. The bike has fully faired one hundred and fifty-five cc engine that is truly powerful and it has also been developed within the same winding tunnel similar to the legendary bikes. The main purpose of the fairing is to provide the maximum amount of wind protection to the bike and the rider will surely appreciate the reducing turbulence and drag of the rider. The delivery of greater aerodynamic efficiency provides a premium look and sporty design to the bike.

The locomotive also composes of a futuristic look held over by the aluminium exhaust and muffler cover. The new clear lens indicator on the wheels combined with pinstripe give a sharp and edgy look to the bike. Thus the riders can achieve guaranteed features that would successfully appeal to all the motorbike lovers! The punchy engine composed of ultra lightweight mechanism provides a sleek fairing to the new black Suzuki gixxer sf. The bike has been powered with cutting edge combined with the all new SEP technology that enables the model to deliver a great deal of power oozing out from its 155 cc engine. The model does not make any sort of compromise with its fuel efficiency. The running performance is induced with the five-speed gearbox that helps in providing exceptional quality and modern standardisation. The bike produced a broad low-end torque and the mid range power is dynamic in its efficiency and generation. Thus, it enables to provide strong acceleration in order to achieve a thrilling ride to the riders.

Apart from its versatile look, it also provides additional features that will surely produce a new meaning to your passion for racing. The bike comprises all the dimensional prospects that would help it to stand out of the crowd. The glamorous look full of versatile fixtures adds a greater constituent of flamboyancy to the model. The bike has a wild outlook and the ultra light weight of the same makes it so popular among the masses. The bike also composes of several added bonus and one such aspect include the presence of the sleek body of the bike which helps it to adjust a quick and easy movement amidst the traffic congestion on the road. It consists of LED light lamps that are highly qualified in producing a greater and personalised scheme of performance. The engine output is deliberately maximised and the production of torque is really appreciable.

Other than look and specifications of the engine, the model assures a wide dimension that allows two adult-sized individuals to fit on the seat in a successful manner. The stretched out space for the LED lamps gives a wild look to the anterior portion of the bike. The look is further complemented with the compact and versatile look of the model. The bike perfectly matches the desired qualifications to compete in the present day market against all the new bikes. The metallic body comprised of the introduction of the LED lamps along with the seat covers and more. The Japanese company Suzuki has built a good name for the bike, Suzuki gixxer sf was launched in the market and the industry had a good rise to its peak. The bike has subsequently made its place in the hearts of the riders with its updated looks and efficiency in performance. The lanes are waiting! Enjoy the ride and feel the pleasure.