When you are planning for adding some good looking and bright lights for your home decoration opting for LED light installation will be the best decision. LED or Light-emitting Diode plays an important role to electrical and electronic devices as well. Having a lot of features, it is used in form of lamp as the source of light to many regions. The LED lamps offer long life and they are highly energy efficient as compared to fluorescent and incandescent lamps. LED lighting has been the best lighting solution accepted by people in Singapore and other countries as well. If you want to experience the excellent features of LED lighting in Singapore then it is better to search for LED lighting installation companies through online. You can find many options on such services.

Types of LED Lights:

They come in several designs and have different structures to be fitted in different places of the house. For instance, if you want to fit an LED light in your commercial area or office the LED panels are the best suited and downlights can be well fitted in your living space and bedrooms. The downlights have a broad usage because they are very easy to install and less chargeable.

The strip lights are good for staircase lighting and there are architectural lighting and others like bollard lighting option for enhancing your garden in the dark.

However the use of downlight and tubes are mostly popular among any commercial or residential spaces. You can also opt for other lighting solution to provide your home.

Enjoy The Features Of LED Lights In Your Residential and Commercial Spaces

Features of LED Lights:

  • Energy efficient and this feature is the most useful as it uses only 2-17 watts of electricity for lighting up which is 1/3rd to 1/30th of Incandescent or CFL bulbs. Even small LED flashlight bulbs can lengthen the battery life 10 -15 times more than that of the incandescent bulbs.
  • Durable and have long service life. LED bulbs are solid and hold up well to jarring and bumping.
  • Made of eco friendly material so that when the lights are on the carbon discharge can be of fewer amounts than other types of lights. Not a single percent of mercury is used in manufacturing LED bulbs.


  • Well it has been seen that there are no other specifications like LEDs in other lighting options. From saving money on energy bills to offering brightness to the areas everything can be done with this kind of lighting installation.
  • Installing this kind of lights will provide an absolute increase of the house value and other than that it will solve your worry of lighting will be completely solved.

Online LED Lighting Sources

If you are searching for any proper lighting installer then you can search for LED lighting companies through online to get better options. There you can not only get distinctive high quality LED lights but also the professional installer will provide installing services in your houses or any commercial areas as well. The installers will be expert in suggesting the best designing lights according to the space where you want to fit it.