Enhance Leadership Qualities by Wearing Ruby Gemstone

Ruby gemstone online

This traditional birthstone of July, the Leo sun sign, Ruby is a gemstone with a characteristic reddish hue. Similar to diamonds, the worth of a Ruby is adjudged by the four Cs and locality of its origin.

The four Cs are colour, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Here it is worth mentioning that the hue, saturation, and tone determines the colour of the stone. The hue of the Ruby gemstone has to be red. Any other hue makes the stone a sapphire.

Astrological Significance of the Ruby Gemstone

Ruby strengthens the Sun in the horoscope of the person. It enhances leadership qualities, boosts confidence, and is the sign of passionate lovers. It enhances personality and clears confusion. Ruby gifts wealth, status, dignity on the wearer. Ascendants of Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Scorpio can wear the Ruby stone.

Method of buying the Manik

Manik is the Hindi name for the Ruby gemstone. When you buy Ruby gemstone online make sure that the weight of the stone in carats is at least one-twelfth of your body weight. The other criteria are as follows:

Treating the Ruby to Improve Quality

Most of the Rubies are flawless but one can see those with surface fractures and impurities. Healing of fractures and sometimes filling them, process of dissolving rutile inclusions, improving transparency and colour alterations are common treatments done to the Ruby.

The rough surface impurities are removed through polishing. Then, hydrogen fluoride is used to clean the impurities. After this, the heating process is done. This gets rid of the impurities inside the fractures.

A lower temperature of 900 degrees centigrade is chosen since this way the rutile silk is preserved. Now, chemicals are added and the secondary heating is started. Glass powder containing suitable additives are used to increase the transparency and improve the colour of the Ruby gemstone.

Cost of the Gemstone

The price of a Ruby stone online varies from Rs 450 per carat to Rs 2,10,000 per carat or more. Better than wearing a substitute, the heat-treated rubies will give a good effect. Heated Old Burmese Rubies are preferred above untreated Indian Rubies.

People who benefit by Wearing Ruby

The best benefit is for people who are preparing for their competitive examinations. Other than that, government servants and politicians too will benefit hugely from wearing this gemstone. People who indulge in agriculture and medical practitioners too will have good benefit. They benefit by harnessing the energy of a Sun that is well-placed in the horoscope.

Self-awareness and realisation of truth occurs to those who wear the Ruby stone. But, since there are many unscrupulous traders on the market who pass off low quality stones as costly Burmese Rubies, one must be vigilant. Best to buy Rubies with good colour since the cut and clarity is only for show purposes.

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