Energy Saving Tricks To Reduce Your Rising BillsInstalling solar panels means that you are saving money by using sunlight, rather than fossil fuel. Solar is one of the cheapest forms of energy that can be put to residential and commercial uses. In addition, putting up solar panels means you can enjoy tax free return from the state and federal government along with lucrative incentives.

The sun is always available in the morning every day therefore you don’t need to worry about the source of production.

Mechanism of Solar Energy and Benefits

The solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells, which absorb the daylight energy and convert it in electricity. It also works on the cloudy days because these cells only need sunlight for activation. This converted power is later used to run appliances.

There are no specifications of uses and you can use it for any kind of machines that runs on electricity. As a result, your electric consumption reduces. The national grid power system notices this and gives you an incentive, for using renewable solar energy.

This is the government’s way of promoting usage of green energy. Additionally, after every three months, you get a rebate from your power providing company. Therefore, the profit is twice. You get to save on your invested money and also attain other incentives from the government.

Are they Very Expensive?

The average cost of purchasing and installing the entire system is around 7000 pounds. The price is only for the photovoltaic cells. However, some houses also opt to make their entire roof a solar power generating area.

For this, you need to have the entire roof covered with solar panels. Mostly, you require 15 panels if you want to go entirely for this solar power generation. This will tentatively generate 2,500kWh per year and the two-thirds of this amount of energy can easily be used by a family having two adults and two children.

As per the government rules, you don’t need to get any planning permission approval unless your house is listed for some legal issues or is in the conservation area. To understand more about the PV structure and prices log on to You can contact the best solar power installer in your locality and attain the estimation of how many solar panels will be needed to fulfill your energy requirements.

How You Earn Money?

Tax free which is allotted by the government and the sum which is paid by the power grid office varies. It is as per the usage and depends on regions. However, the amount that you will get in return will surely boost up your savings.

You are gaining benefits, in the long run. This is because due to inflation or any type of economic fluctuations, cost of fossil fuel will go up. Fossil fuels are limited source and the depletion rate is higher so more and more people are opting for renewable sources.


If you decide to go for solar energy consumption then it is the best choice because you are saving on fossil fuel as well as protecting the environment from greenhouse gases.