Email is both a curse and a blessing, simply because it enhances every business person’s productivity. But as an entrepreneur, how many emails do you send or receive every day? Or how frequent do you get results from those emails?

On the other hand, if you’re just new or starting a business you may possibly think that email is just a normal part of your everyday work. You might not be aware that emails play a very important role in your business. So if you’ll not exert enough effort and attention to what you’re sending, you may possibly found yourself or your business rather at the bottom striking nothing at all.

However, for busy entrepreneurs, they are using emails to prolong customer agreement beyond usual business hours. Yes, it is an amazing beneficial business tool. On the other hand, between planning, organizing, reading, and sending out emails, you will definitely miss cumulative hours of productivity every day.

Fortunately, busy entrepreneurs can still optimize their email management while running their business smoothly and without sacrificing productivity. How? By just doing some simple things. So if you’re a busy entrepreneur who wants to handle email management efficiently as well as drive better results at the same time, then this is for you.

5 Email Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

  1. Make your Inbox Organized

Are you using an organizational system in your inbox? If not, necessary important emails will be lost easily or you may possibly delete them accidentally.

Fortunately, in today’s period, almost all of the email programs feature several organizational systems that are designed to categorize and label your email. Meaning, you can mark an email as spam and important. Moreover, you can also immediately block unwanted emails with the spam filter.

However, if don’t have time doing this since you’re a busy entrepreneur, you can hire a virtual assistant. You can consider this as one of your investments. Once you hired a VA, all you have to do is to instruct him/her how you would like your inbox or emails to be under control.

  1. Use or Make Email Template Replies

As a busy entrepreneur, how frequent do you find yourself answering or composing emails with the same reply? Whether it could be a new customer onboarding letter, a preliminary letter, or details about your business process next steps, it will take a lot of time before you answer all of them.

However, you can save a lot of time if you’re going to create a simple template for your most common replies. Meaning, all you have to do is to pick a certain pre-written response template instead of typing out the whole message. Moreover, you can personalize these templates as well by changing its signature line.

  1. Unsubscribe from Annoying Promotional Emails

Advertisements can overpower your inbox as well as hide an important message. So what are you waiting? Stop this kind of message from invading your inbox.

If you don’t want to receive any emails from certain senders since you don’t have enough time to read them, then you should immediately click the “UNSUBSCRIBE” button.

  1. Make Another Account For Receiving Newsletters

You have possibly signed up for newsletters that you really want to read. But to prevent these emails from filling up your inbox quickly, you need to create another account that is exclusively for receiving newsletters.

To avoid interruptions during normal business hours, you must read this kind of email after your work. As some of these emails can contain information and links that you may be fascinated in. So to focus on your work and save some of your time, check your newsletter inbox after finishing your working day.

  1. Reply Immediately

Before you start working, make sure to lend some of your time to check your priority inbox and respond to urgent queries immediately. Simply because, it is where client communications, requests, sales, and other important business information enter.

For sure, you may possibly have more than one email account for your priority inbox depending on the type of emails you receive.  On the other hand, be cautious not to reveal your email addresses carelessly to prevent receiving spam messages.

Furthermore, don’t let important emails remain in your priority inbox for several days. It means you need to answer the query of your client once you already read it. But if you can’t respond immediately, make sure to inform the sender that you have already received the message and tell him/her that you will be in touch in a moment. Or you can set a follow-up or deadline.

These five easy ways will surely help every busy entrepreneur to increase their business productivity and to manage email management correctly.

So as a busy entrepreneur how do you manage your email management?