If you are a person who regularly shaves, you will know how painful and difficult it is to shave when you have a pimple outbreak or, worse, acne. Irritation from wrong shaving methods can worsen your acne or cause wounds that may easily get infected. Fortunately, there are proper shaving tricks that you can follow so that the irritation is minimized and further infection can be prevented. It only takes extra care and a bit of pre-shaving preparation to get a good shave without going through hell every time.

You may have already guessed that when it comes to shaving, electric shavers are best to use on acne-prone skin. With manual razors, the blades are touching the skin so closely that the risk of cutting open your skin are greater, possibly releasing bacteria from pus in the acne, from which and infection can easily spread. Now, if you are using the top rated electric razors instead of manual ones, you still need to use proper techniques in order to prevent acne from getting worse and spreading the infection. Here are some tips from Instant Grooming to help shaving acne-prone skin.

1. Proper use of electric shaver.

Even if you are using the best electric shaver for men with acne, it does not guarantee that you are being gentle on your skin. You have to know the proper way of using it. When you have acne, your goal is always to avoid getting the shave to run over them, cutting them open and spreading bacteria all over your face. It helps to drain the pus first if it’s already ready to pop. To do this, run warm water over your face for about three minutes to soften the skin. You can pop the whitehead out using a sterile needle, or just by pressing down gently around the pimple surface. If it’s ready to pop, it will easily break open and release pus. Gently wipe with a wet cotton ball before you proceed shaving. When shaving, make sure that you go in the direction of hair growth in order to avoid inflammation and irritation.

2. Don’t use dull blades.

Never, ever use razors with dull blades, whether you have acne or not. Using dull blades almost always results in cuts and nicks, and cutting your acne will spread the bacteria on your skin. Always check that your blades are sharp before shaving.

3. Soften your skin by shaving in the shower.ELECTRIC SHAVERS: SHAVING TIPS FOR MEN WITH ACNE

Soak your skin in warm water before shaving. This is to open up your pores and soften hair so that shaving is smooth and easy. The best electric shaver for men with acne is one that allows him to shave while in the shower, but if this is not possible right after a shower is still good. It is important then that your electric shaver has a wet or dry shaving capability. Some electric razors are good only for dry shaving, but the best shavers to use when you have acne are those that can also be used for a wet shave.

4. Dry shave with light strokes.

If a wet shave is not possible with your electric shaver, then proceed with a dry shave but make sure that you do so using light, gentle strokes in the direction of hair growth. Use a single stroke on each part of your face as much as possible. Repeated strokes will scrape your skin and will result in cuts and nicks. Always finish with a moisturizer to hydrate skin and relieve your acne as well.

5. Exfoliate daily.

In addition to using the best electric shaver for men with acne prone skin, exfoliation is a good practice to help avoid acne. Exfoliation is done with the use of exfoliating products such as soaps and chemicals that aid in sloughing off dead skin cells. Exfoliating daily removes the dirt that clogs your pores, which, when left unattended, causes acne. Natural exfoliants include sugar, oatmeal and salt, and can be used on the face without causing irritation and inflammation. Exfoliating will keep your skin bright and young-looking, too.

Shaving with Acne is Possible

Keeping the tips mentioned above in mind, shaving when you have acne should never be an unbearable experience ever again. By using the best electric shaver for men with acne and proper skin preparation, acne prone skin can be shaved without causing inflammation and spreading infection all over our face. One that Instantgrooming highly recommend is the Braun Series 7-790cc with its foil blades and built-in pop-up trimmer which is great for skin with acne. It helps you get a good shave without wreaking havoc on your acne-prone skin. Just because you have acne, it doesn’t mean you have to hide behind a beard and throw your razor away; electric shavers are your best friend who will keep you clean shaven and well on the way to a healed, healthy looking skin.