Ever since people have become aware about pollution, they have taken many measures to control it. Paper and plastic are out and recycled shopping bags are in as these plastic and paper have too much negative impact on environment. Reusable bags are better for earth. They are good for both users and marketers because it can last for more than two years. Not only does the customer becomes a source of advertising for your business but you save the planet too.

Customers who don’t bring their reusable bags are charged by some stores for plastic bags. Which are later thrown away after use and they only end up landfill. By using a reusable bag, you show people that you’re responsible for saving the planet. So using cotton reusable bags is equally important because cotton bags are washable and keep things fresh.

Eco Friendly Plain Cotton Bags Are Always Preferred For Their Longevity

Although there are many stores that have switched to reusable bags to promote their business but, if you want, you can buy bags from Custom Earth Promos who have been into the recycle business for the last eight years. Not many know that reusable bags can be made from recycled water bottles or any other material, but here in this company they have taken it as a challenge and have proved it right.

Here are few reasons why you should switch to reusable bags –

  • Plastic bags take many years to decompose and paper bags aren’t of any use when you have to carry heavy items.
  • Plastic bags aren’t biodegradable like reusable bags and also get dissolved like tiny toxic particle in water which is harmful for aquatic animals that swallow it thinking it to be food or jellyfish.
  • Since recycling plastic bags is a heavy task therefore, most recycling companies will not take it, which leads to dumping it in any place and polluting environment.
  • Plastic bags are made of petroleum and normal gas which dries up the city when they need it for household purpose.
  • The chemical fumes that come out of factories during the manufacture of paper and plastic bags, pollute environment leading to many lung problems.
  • To make paper bags, every year many trees are slashed down which takes lot of years to cultivate more trees.

Reusable cotton bags are more stylish and come in many smart colors and patterns. This makes your shopping more fun than monotonous. Under eco friendly awareness program, it has been seen that many stores offer discounts to customer who get their own reusable bags.

Let’s see some of the advantages of using a cotton reusable bag –

  • Cotton bags are safe as they are made from green plantation which isn’t grown through any pesticides. However, this special type of cotton fiber can be grown at any place.
  • Plastic bags don’t last for long but, cotton bags and jute bags are durable and can last for 5 to 6 years.
  • Carrying your customized bags for shopping in malls and grocery stores save you money that you invest in buying plastic bags in shops.
  • Make it a habit to carry your own bag everywhere you go. This saves you a lot of money during emergencies when you have to carry certain things with you to home or office.
  • The material isn’t water or moisture resistant therefore, anything you keep in it will remain fresh.

Cotton reusable bags are the best way to keep you available for shopping every time. They are so soft that, they can be folded and kept in any bags.