The one common concern with people who already own or are planning on investing in EV is that they aren’t sure about the battery life of their vehicle. With the degrading environmental condition and advancing technologies, there is very little that you must worry for now. Many countries around the globe are working together to make sustainable development a reality, and the first step in this particular direction is lowering the emission caused by moving vehicles. If you just follow the below-mentioned tips, I’m sure that you will be able to extend the life of your electric vehicle’s battery to over a decade. And by that time, the technology will catch up so that even if you have to replace it then, it would cost you just about a fraction of the present cost. So don’t worry, being an environmentalist won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Easy Tips To Extend Your Electric Car’s Battery Life#Tip 1: Do not fully charge your vehicle’s battery

It is not recommended that you push the charging of any battery to its maximum limit. It is precisely the reason as to why the batteries in your mobile phones and laptops do not last longer than a couple of years. If you just leave your vehicle on charging day and night and continue supplying it power beyond the charge holding capacity of the battery, then you degrade the battery and thus reduce its working life. Nowadays, most of the batteries in consumer products are made up of Lithium. Scientifically speaking, every Lithium atom releases an electron to achieve the noble metal configuration that makes it rather stable and non-reactive. When the battery is charged beyond it’s maximum capacity or even to its maximum charge holding capacity,  the lithium ion tends to release an electron to become stable. Over time, this makes all the excessive electron in the Lithium of the battery to lose its electron. Once that state has achieved the flow of electricity through the battery stops as it becomes stable and non-reactive causing the battery to lose its working capacity.

Easy Tips To Extend Your Electric Car’s Battery Life# Tip 2: Do not completely Discharge the battery

Like it is not recommended to charge the battery to its maximum limit, similarly you should avoid running the vehicle when the charge in your battery is low. If you intend to drive your EV for a longer duration, then you need to indulge in a fact check. As extending the battery to its maximum limit wears the battery out, systematically reducing its battery life. Do you remember when you were learning how to drive?

The most basic tip that was taught to you was to keep your hands on the wheel at 10 and 2. Well, the same goes without saying for the charge on your electric vehicle’s battery. As most vehicles display the charge on a scale ranging from 0-12. It is advisable to keep the charge between 10 and 2 as well if you intend to make the battery in your EV last longer.

Easy Tips To Extend Your Electric Car’s Battery Life# Tip 3: For Hybrid vehicles try running the vehicle on Gas for high altitudes

If you have a flat terrain, then instead of fueling your vehicle with Gas, use the electric charge available on the battery for as long as possible. The smart system installed in the vehicle does not discharge the vehicle completely and thus saves on the fuel. But if you plan to take a route that has high altitude, then it is advisable that you switch to the gas mode at least 20 minutes before you start the climb. As your Ev’s battery discharges more rapidly when you drive the vehicle on high terrain.

Easy Tips To Extend Your Electric Car’s Battery Life# Tip 4: Use timers to maintain the charge on your battery

You must have heard or known that the Lithium-Ion batteries work best when they are about half charged. So, instead of charging your vehicle in the night, you must try and charge your vehicle when you are awake or at work. This way not only you can optimally charge the vehicle but also help in elongating the battery life. So, if you just plan your day ahead and charge your vehicle accordingly, I don’t see any reason as to why you shouldn’t switch over to a battery-powered or a hybrid car.

It is high time that instead of just thinking about our style and luxury, we move together and make timely efforts towards sustainable development.