Google rankings can make or break the fortunes of any business. Hence, it becomes of paramount importance to keep your website in safe zone away from any potential penalties that your website might be subject to in the future. There are also various ways to check if your website is actually hit from a Google penalty or not.

Businesses today are going online at a rapid pace to attract a vast online customer base and most websites are using various ways such as Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing to stay on top of their competition. Google is constantly penalizing websites which over do the following to attract web traffic. This is when people realize that it is good to employ an affordable SEO company but it may sometimes work adversely for them.

What is Google Penalty?

Google algorithm checks each website on various parameters to find out of a website has quality content that solves any problem or not. Since 2000, when Google rolled out its first toolbar extension, which is the cause of the booming SEO industry as we know today, Google has been constantly upgrading its algorithm to make the search better.

The penguin update which Google launched in 2012 resulted in various websites being penalized for having poor quality content and low quality back links. Since then, even the most affordable  SEO Company and SEO expert is keeping abreast with all the latest algorithm changes that might seriously affect the rankings of a web page on Google Search Engine Results Page.

Easy Steps To Check Your Site Hit From Google Penalty

Steps to Check Your Site Hit from Google Penalty

There are various ways in which you can check if your website is hit by a Google penalty, some of them are as follows:

1. Ranking drop: As soon as your website is hit by a Google penalty, is will show a severe drop in its ranking displayed on Google Search Engine Results page. Your website may also lose its rank because a competitor has come up with a better website, but this kind of rank drop is organic and does not result in drastic loss of ranks. But a Google penalty can drastically affect the rankings.

2. Removal of your domain: If your website is hit from a Google penalty, it might not appear at all in the Google Search Engine Results Page. Google has penalized many websites for poor content and bad back links by removing websites completely from search engine results page.

3. Lack of web traffic: If your website is hit from a Google penalty it might show a drastic reduction in the online web traffic that it generally attracts. If you monitor your website traffic at regular intervals, you will be able to discover if the loss of traffic appears natural or if it’s abrupt. Abrupt loss of traffic is generally a result of Google penalty.

4. De-indexing: Google is very strict against websites which try and intentionally trick its algorithms. Google considers such websites as spams and removes them from the index. If your website is subject to any such de-indexing, it might be because your website is hit by a Google penalty.

Google today is the biggest search engine, and most businesses today are dependent on Google for healthy future growth. As such it becomes all the more important for websites to follow the norms set by Google or else they face the risk of being penalized by Google and losing out on web traffic.

There are many affordable SEO companies though, that can not only help your website gain top ranks in the Search Engine Results Page, but who can also save your website from any potential Google penalties that your business website might be subject to in the near future.