The modern mindset revels in ornate or prominent displays of jeweled accessories. After all, even clothes are often loud and striking in appearance. However, it would not do for you to attend dignified celebratory events, sporting the usual kind of earrings. In this case, even your attire is bound to be different. Do step into Queen Jewels Inc. or other equally reputed stores whenever you are free, and peruse the antique diamond stud earrings on display there.

Ear Adornments That Evoke Memories Of The Past

  • You may argue that studs are too sedate and sober. You may also declare that they tend to make you look older than your age. Danglers, hoops and pendant styles are more suited for modern times, and offer that young, vibrant look. Nonetheless, the art deco items that were designed for fussy queens and princesses of the Victorian Era are being skillfully modified by talented artists at Queen’s, in order to appeal to your contemporary mindset.
  • It would be understandable if you were cribbing about something fashioned from cheap glass, metals, plastic, etc. However, you are opting for fabulous vintage diamond stud earrings created from Sterling silver, silver, or a combination of gold and silver. These metals are worth every cent that you spend on them, for they are authentic 14K or 18K. Naturally, they exhibit a glittering, lustrous radiance that is hard to describe in words. Do you now agree that your face will acquire an added glow after wearing these fashionable pieces?
  • It would be great to make a fashion statement via your extra large, antique style diamond stud earrings, wouldn’t it? Well, if your hearing organs are medium-sized or slightly larger than normal, you have no need to worry at all. Even elaborate items are bound to look stylish, chic and enchanting. People will be impressed by your boldness! On the other hand, if your ears are small, please opt for something more delicate in nature.
  • If the items on display prove unsatisfactory, you may request talented artisans to create studs that are more suited to your individual taste. Queen’s offers the option of customization at competitive prices. Specify the metal or metal combination, diamonds and gemstones to be used, and the design.

Even reproduction jewelries are dependent upon various kinds of cuts for highlighting their beauty.

  • Polki cut: You receive the diamonds as they are; they are uncut. This means that no artificial facets are created for excess reflection of light. As a result, the precious stones appear like frosted bits of glass. Nonetheless, they are still stunning in appearance. Oh, yes, they glitter and shine too, since the diamonds are set in a pave pattern.
  • Rose cut or single cut: This refers to the creation of sixteen triangular facets on a precious stone; they are like reflecting mirrors. This permits the creation of brilliant halos of light around your ears. Imagine the impact on an awed audience!

It would be good to go in for a change in style sometimes. Show off your novel studs!