Dynamic Vacation: Things To Do In Faro

Faro is a capital of Algarve, the central part of the same name province. This is a nice impressive city with a great defensive wall around. The city museums are well-loved by European tourists and more. Nevertheless, this place is used by travellers as the point of departure to start their travelling to South of Portugal. The province and city are full interesting places. Want to get fresh impressions? You will not be disappointed, even if you are going to do nothing, but laze in the sun with tasty cocktail in your hand.

Transport in Faro

The city transport is not wide of choice, mostly represented by buses. You can use them to travel around the city. Nevertheless, the bigger part of tourists prefers travelling on foot. One way, or another, you are welcomed to rent car in Faro. There are two nuances. Firstly, it is recommended to hire a car beforehand, by phone or internet – your money is saved then. It can happen that coming to Faro in a hot season, you cannot find the right transport for you. Secondly, it is hard to find parking in the center. There is one big free parking in the harbor, where touristic yachts and liners land.

Active Leisure in Faro

Praia de Faro Beach

The beach is perfect place for all beach-rest lovers, shoppers, sport and active people. The picturesque beach is what you really need. The territory is huge. So, you may have confortable rest here. It starts at the airport area. So, this place is popular with transit tourists. As you can see, the beach offers you having good time outdoors. The beach rental services help to hire all necessary equipment.

Algarve By Segway

The city guests are proposed to have interesting excursions to see the most beautiful places of the province. The popular club Algarve By Segway teaches you to have a great experience of riding Segway.


If you like diving, you should contact to Hidroespaco. The center provides diving lessons from experienced divers. You can also hire diving equipment. Another popular center Udiving gives the same services, offering a wide choice of interesting entertainments.

Restaurants in Faro


Faro is well-loved with its attractive and original eating establishments. Meet this good national restaurant. The main characteristic of this place is wide choice of national dishes and big portions. You are met with special greeting dish and glass of wine. Do not forget to finish your dinner with chef dessert.


This is a popular beach restaurant, the best-visiting place for tourists and office workers. The atmosphere is always calm and friendly. If you want to visit this restaurant on weekend, it is better to book a table before. It is always noisy on weekend.

Dois Irmaos

The restaurant is hidden deep in the historical city district. Actually, it occupies one of the historical famous buildings. This is a good place to get some rest after running through the city the whole day. You can choose one or another dish from different cuisines of the world.

Monte do Casal

Look at this place! It is organized in village-style. It looks like a cozy pub. Nevertheless, the place is very popular. If you like grilled meat and fish, you should go there. In addition to this, you may try one of many piquant sauces, making your dinner special. The restaurant is characterized as bright and contrast aristocratic place.

O Costa

The restaurant is placed not far from the airport. This is the best popular place for foreign tourists. Nevertheless, comfortable position is not the main restaurant characteristic. Want some wine?

Pousada de Sao Bras

If you like tasty wine, you are welcomed to Pousada de Sao Bras. The place is famous of its big wine factory. This is not only about the wine. You can find many worthy places for you and your guests.


If you prefer beer to wine, you will like Chessenta. The gusts are offered to try more than 50 different sorts of beer. By the way, this is the most popular place for tourists in a hot summer season.

Night Entertainments in Faro

The big choice of spicy night clubs cannot stop you from being amazed a lot. The biggest of them is Live Music. The club is stylish and modern. This is the best popular place to perform concerts, thematic parties, and bright musical events. Never miss your chance to listen to interesting music with cocktails in Chessenta.

Shopping in Faro

QM Country Shop

The best shopping place in Faro is QM Country Shop, or co-called Garden Center. This hospitable shopping center meets people with the cup of aromatic tea, or wide choice of interesting souvenirs in national style.

Sweet Estoi

This is a nice little shop, where you can buy something to remember Portugal. You can find lots of souvenirs here: hand-made plates, ceramic souvenirs. All of them are originally decorated. You leave this little shop with fresh emotions and your pockets, stuffed to the gills with souvenirs.

Forum Algarve

You can find this big but cozy trade center in Faro. The big plus is underground parking. So, you should not leave your car in the sun. The trade center contains many different shops. If you feel tired or bored from your shopping, take your chance to spend time in a cafe.

About Wine

What a nice shop! What an interesting degustation! It is not only about wine degustation. You can try all sorts of cheese, jam, sweets, combining the best of them. The prices are attractive. You want to come back here again and again.

So, you can see all beautiful and interesting places of Portugal by renting car, and go learning the main city square. The territory is beautiful and interesting to take some pictures. The list of the most interesting places and exciting pictures is really long. Come and see all of them. Even simple pictures can touch your feelings to the deep. Active and ambitious, Portugal welcomes you with pleasure any time!

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