Portugal is a popular European country, located side by side with the Atlantic Ocean from one hand and Spain from another. It can be named one of the top visited countries for tourists. It is definitely good for a family vacation or backpacking. Anyway, Portugal has much to do about arts, architecture, and culture. You can drive on holidays with rent a car in Portugal to any place you like. The climate is always favorable for traveling: long and hot summer and soft winter. The best time for visiting Portugal is spring time or early autumn. Do you want to know the best places to visit in Portugal? Let’s read about them!



If you want to taste something local and interesting, you should take a course to Algarve. Here, in Algarve, you can pick one of many simple wooden restaurants and take something to eat. You can also book something from the beach restaurants. There are many of them along the coast line. The fish dishes are especially popular. How about a plate of sardines, grilled and served with olive oil and fresh tomatoes? Long beaches are full of hidden caves, golden sands, surfing waves, and dissolving tunnels. Come and see!


You can find Albufeira as the natural gates to Algarve. This is the best place for all who are looking for the brightest holidays. You can walk down the old part of the city if you want to investigate some history. Looking for parties, welcome to San Juan – the noisiest city in Albufeira. What about the beaches? Albufeira bright beaches attract family tourists. Speaking about kids, take them to Zoomarine amusement park. They will be excited!



Loule is situated in the heart of Algarve. This region is famous if its Saturday market. If you don’t want to buy, you should come here and watch! There is also a big ancient castle and historic museum, offering the best nature views. You can see the ancient cathedrals, ruined churches, old bars and restaurants, atmospheric shops and markets. This place is really good for a vacation.


It’s time to meet another popular district in Algarve – Tavira. It is famous of its architecture to be one of the most unusual cities in the world. People call it the Algarve Venice. Tavira is also a part of the world popular natural park Ria Formosa. Take your chance and go boating there.

https://www.twin-loc.fr Between Sea and Land near Faro (Isla de Tavira - Santa Luzia), Portugal - Image Picture Photography


It is located in the west part of Algarve. Alvor is a really amazing place that can boast the huge coastline with numerous beaches and a lot of surfers on it. But surfing is not the only one thing you can do here. How about enjoying local museums and galleries that can tell you a lot about the city history? The city is more than 100 years! You can spend time on one of many golf fields, in the restaurant or fish bar. If you have enough time, you should go to the local water park.

Praia da Luz

The beach got this name because of its clean and soft sand and warm water to swim in. This is one more touristic place that welcomes you in Portugal. It is close to water attractions, aqua parks, water sports. You can try yourself in wind surfing, surfing, water skiing and many other interesting water attractions. The beaches of Praia da Luz are comfortable and interesting to hang out with friends and family.

Luz Lagos Portugal


Welcome to Lagos! Looking for a good vacation place, you should stay here! You can spend time on a long sandy beach Meia Praia. Lagos has a rich history on its back. Thus, you can take the excursion to the ruins of the ancient city walls. You can find much to do in Lagos. How about visiting Zoo, ride a bike and climb up the mountains? You can go and watch dolphins or go hiking with friends. One more thing, you are offered to join a wine tour through the region.


The capital of Portugal is also the biggest city in the West Europe. The city is full of museums, churches, gothic cathedrals. Nice and cozy funiculars take you to the top of a hill with the marvelous city views. There is nothing to talk about. It is better to visit Lisbon and meet its attractions on your own.

Streets of Lisbon

Praia del Rey

If you are a golf lover, you should drive your car to Portugal! Praia del Rey supports this nice golf tradition. You can relax and spend time by visiting lux resorts, or book a villa and enjoy the beauty of the local beaches. There is one more popular place, where you can spend your time. Atlantic Coast Spa salon welcomes everyone, who likes taking SPA procedures.

Planning a road trip to Portugal? Hope, this guide will help you to pick the best part of it. There is much to discover in the world and Portugal is one of them. You can start from the capital city and go along the coastline to the west. The next place to stop is Algarve. Of course, you can find a lot of guidelines about what to see and what to do, but there are many places in Portugal that are still unexplored. Take your chance!