Download & Enjoy Hulu Videos Easily With Movavi Screen Recorder

Download & Enjoy Hulu Videos Easily With Movavi Screen Recorder

Hulu is a top favorite when it comes to watching movies online. The channel is famous for its extraordinary range of contents for every kind of viewer. But then, you will need internet all the time to stay tuned to Hulu. It’s not unlikely to wish to catch up with your favorite series times and again yet that pleasure is unimaginable when you are offline- until now. Leading software company Movavi has come up with Movavi Screen Recorder which will enable you to check out anything from Hulu even when you are offline. Yes, the recorder program will allow you to download all that you want from Hulu while you are online. You can save such goodies in your system so that you can watch them anytime even when you don’t want to turn on the internet.

Here is a brief on how to download Hulu videos with Movavi Screen Recorder.

Download & install

The first thing is to download and install Movavi Screen Recorder is your laptop or PC from where you will check the Hulu movies or series.

Set recording parameters

Go to your favorite Hulu video that you wish to record & launch the Movavi program. Then, draw capture frame right over your chosen video on Hulu website with precise selection tool. To adjust the recording frame size, just pull on its edges to make the adjustments. You can also choose a suitable frame size from Capture Area tab that contains a roster of preset frames.

Record Hulu video

Click on REC tab to commence the capturing process. You can exercise your control on recording through Stop, Pause & Cancel buttons. After recording, the video will be saved in MKV format.

Save video

After the recording, click on Save tab to save the recording.

Amazing features of Movavi Screen Recorder

Useful tips for users

For Windows-

F9- pause/resume

F10- to end recording process

For Mac-

Press on 1 to pause/resume and on  2 to end the recording

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