Training dogs to go to a certain place is easy if you are consistent and use a simple command. The command can be “bed”, “go to bed”, “bed, now”, or any other variant that will let your dog know where you want them to go to. Having this trick ready will make things easier when the situation gets a bit out of control or if you require your dog to be in one spot. For example if you are going to have a new guest at the house, having your dog in one spot can assure a safe meeting. There are four essential steps to accomplish proper “place” training that we will touch upon.

Getting your Dog’s attention

You will need to get your dog interested in the bed or wherever you wish to send him. To achieve this you must pretend that you are interested in it too. Your dog will naturally walk over to check out what has caught your attention. Let him explore his new bed all he wants. Hopefully he shows more interest than disinterest.

Making the connection

Lure your dog to the bed with a treat while using your command but do not give him the treat until he is on it. Along with your go-to command, you need one for “releasing” your dog from the bed. The releasing command is for your dog to know when he can get off the bed. Do not force your dog off though. You want your pup to feel comfortable in his area and not associate any negative feelings to it. Repeat this process until your dog has formed a firm connection with the commands.


After forming the connection it is time to test it out in near distance situations. In other words, use the command when your dog is near the place. Absolutely make sure to offer praise and treats when he gets both or any command correct. This should be practiced over and over again until the commands are dominated. If you want your dog to be lying down while in his area, you do not have to add another command. You will only have to give him a tastier treat. Overwhelming your pup with more commands will not make the process any easier.

Practice with increased Distance and Duration

The basic setup is done. Your dog has associated your commands to the behavior you seek. Now it is time to increase the distance; try calling out the command from another room for example. Increase the duration of him on his area a few minutes each time. This final step will need to be repeated until your dog successfully goes through with each command without the use of a treat. You can decrease the use of treats to once every three commands but try to reinforce behavior with praise at a more regular and constant pace. You can also reward with petting.

Place training is beneficial for you as an owner and is great cognitive training for your dog. Always make sure to keep all associations to the dog bed positive or else the training process will be slower and less effective. This means do not send him to his bed when you are angry or as form of punishment. A happy place is a happy dog going to willingly to it.

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