Do You Know About This Astrological Wonder Called Laal Kitaab?

Do You Know About This Astrological Wonder Called Laal Kitaab?

Astrologers in India have been instrumental in penning down numerous books and articles written on astrology and matters in connection with the same. This article throws light on a particular book called ‘Laal Kitaab’ and what you can expect to learn from that book.

Today one can easily find a lot of books on Astrology and the related fields. One possible reason for such sudden rise in the number of books written exclusively about astrology could be due to the growing interest of people in the fascinating science of astrology. Also, books form an important source of information and literature especially for individuals who are unable to take professional courses in this discipline but nevertheless want to know more about it. One such book is the Laal Kitaab.

Laal Kitab: An Overview

Any person desirous of understanding or making use of some astrological-based solutions in his professional or personal life can make use of the helpful tips which are mentioned in the Laal Kitaab. To understand the types of solutions, this book suggests to its readers; it will be worthwhile first to understand some of the basic information on the book.

A Little Trivia About the Book

It is widely believed that the book Laal Kitaab has been penned down by a prominent astrologer named Pandit Rupchand Joshi who hailed from Punjab and was written in the Urdu language initially. This Laal Kitaab is a collection of five books which were written between the years of 1939 to 1952. It was believed that Pandit Joshi attributed the success of this book to a supernatural divine force which helped him to write this book to help the humanity.

What is the Laal Kitaab?

The Laal Kitaab is a collection of some fundamental concepts, principles, doctrines as well as remedies written for the common masses at large. This book has been praised for bringing the otherwise technical science within the reach of the common masses, and it is for this very reason that the book has been very well received. In fact, according to an astrologer in Ahmedabad, many refer and seek the guidance from this book when they have to suggest some remedies to their clients.

Scope of the Book

The Laal Kitaab attempts at combining both astrology as well as palmistry both of which are something which people are genuinely interested in and curious about. So taking some cue from Palmistry, this book aims to divide the palm into the twelve different zodiac signs like Taurus, Gemini, Libra, etc. along with the nine planets of the solar system, by which, astrological predictions, as well as solutions, are given.

What to Expect from this Book?

Appropriately referred to as “The Wonder Book” of Astrology, this book aims at remedying critical and intricate human problems which people in their daily lives experience and crave solution for. The best part about these remedies is that these solutions do not require any unnecessary rituals to be done, nor does it require any complex tantras and mantras to be cited. So you can imagine the simplicity of this book!

According to a renowned astrologer in Ahmedabad, the Laal Kitaab was truly ahead of its times because to write such a complex phenomenon so lucidly is not something which can be done so easily and hence requires lot of efforts and dedication from the author which is evident from this book.

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