Sitting at home and apparently thinking what you need to do for your unwanted hair? Well answer is pretty simple – Waxing! But “NO” wait – you people actually some run away from this word and others have tub full of excuses. Isn’t?

To make you Feel Relax let us discuss some Advantages of Waxing:-

  • You will get gift for smooth and gentle skin after waxing
  • Not even 1% chance for rashes
  • Your hair growth could be minimal if you decide for waxing – well this sounds interesting!
  • Fourthly, waxing option is very economical i.e no hurting with your pocket.
  • Fifthly, texture of your skin will be very tempting and tan free.
  • Hair will be stubble free thus leading less pain.

But some do prefer Trimming Over Waxing, so let’s glance look for this also:

  • Trimming lead with hard hair along with harshness to skin
  • Non satisfactory result in the end
  • There are chances for cuts too
  • Well there is an instant growth of hair because trimming don’t remove hair from roots.
  • You will feel irritation because of sharp hair.

I guess these points are enough for you to make an easy and but obvious decision .ie waxing. But there are other well being options to for removal of hair.

Roll on Wax Warmer comes in Many Versions

  1. Easy to use with roll on wax
  2. Second roll is always ready for use
  3. Different switches for on and off
  4. 110-220 volt
  5. Warranty for 1 year

Description: When one roll on is not enough the second roll on wax warm is always ready to use. And lastly this comes with base and power cordless for hassle free waxing.

Instructions for use:

Insert and heat roll cartridge in roll on warmer for about 20 minutes. And after that check if wax has melted to liquid form in roll-on or not. After that remove seal on cartridge and then again roll on a removal strip to see if wax has completely covered roller or not.

Then, apply a thin layer on skin in the direction of hair growth, place hair removal wax strip on surface, rub it and pull against direction of hair growth and parallel from which the hair is being removed.

  • This is very hygienic process
  • Comfortable method as this is done on low temperature or we can say bearable temperature.
  • Easy to dispose off when used
  • Economical too
  • This method works best on large areas of skin i.e. legs, chest, back and arms.
  • Very quicker

There are many other picks also:

  • Roll on wax cartridges
  • Roll on warmer- standard version
  • Single roll on wax warmer- pro version

In the end, choice depends upon you people but whatever you choose – make sure you are up for it whether it is about waxing, shaving, trimming or roll on wax warmer.