In fact, the DJI Mavic Pro EU is hands down the most receptive, stable and potent drone I’ve ever hovered. Maybe it isn’t as fun to fly as the fixed-wing Parrot Disco, however it’s enjoyable in its specific way. And practically all the gratification derives from its consistency. The fact that you do not have to concern about it racing into the side of a constructing under its own steam, otherwise dropping out of the sky onto some unwary dog-walker’s head.

DJI Mavic Pro Review: One Magnificent Flying Machine


You might be astonished to notice, then, precisely how trivial the Mavic Pro really is. When I first received the drone, it rotated up in one of those standard-subject Fedex flat boxes, and I was rather taken aback to learn what was pressed inside.

With its rotor arms creased against its matte-grey fuselage, as well as the blades tucked tidily away like several robotic bird of prey sheltering alongside the storm, the Mavic Pro is extremely compact. You can choice it up in one hand as well as stow it in a small rucksack. At that time, when it derives time to fly, simply unfold the legs, eliminate the transparent cowl plus support defensive the camera as well as delicate three-axis gimbal.

Flying the DJI Mavic Pro

Overlook the Pro moniker. Yes, it’s influential and, true, it is as packed toward the gunwales with tech as some drone on the market. Though, this has to be the calmest drone I’ve ever hovered. That makes it as appropriate for learners as it is for proficient drone pilots who make a living marketing their skills on the viable market.

Once you’ve performed the compass standardization “Haka” – rotating the drone around flat and upright to make certain it flies in a straight line – afire up the app and switched the whole thing on, all you requisite do is tap the Take-off key in the app. The drone bounds into the air then sits there, stable as a rock. It won’t drift or move or wobble until you touch the sticks, and it’s amazingly responsive when you do, responding in an instantaneous to the least nudge. For Aerial Photography this is best.


And when you’re au fait by the entire flying thing, there is a bewilderment of choices and sets to play round with. For bold drone pilots, Sport style lets you fly at the Mavic Pro’s topmost speed of 40mph (though you lose hindrance evasion in this mode). There is a tracking mode that you can usage to automatically follow your topic. TapFly lets you fly toward points on the map. Gesture mode, which I create neither valuable nor reliable, lets you wave by the drone to get its attention as well as take a picture of you.


The one disadvantage to the DJI Mavic Pro is that, distinct the currently inaccessible GoPro Karma, you’re not receiving a professional-level act camera into the bargain. However the image excellence is good enough, as well as the rest of the package is so persuasively executed that it is hard not to give it a shining recommendation.