Casement windows are the most versatile of all contemporary window designs. They are engineered with the state-of-the-art technology and add both elegance and performance to modern households. They are available in an incredible assortment of different designs – they can also be especially joined with fixed lites to provide transitional designs.

These windows are very similar to doors – they are hinged onto either of the two sides and employ a single crank-handle system to open and close. When closed, these windows provide an uninterrupted view of the outside and by providing an airtight seal these treatments keep the inhabitants of the house protected from extremities of the weather. When opened, these windows flung open wide to breathe in ample natural light and fresh air.

Different Types Of Casement Windows

Casement windows are extremely practical and stylish. Their basic characteristics generally include:

  1. Pivot on a one sided hinge
  2. Tall and narrow windows
  3. Open towards the outside on a ninety degrees angle
  4. Operates with the use of a crank mechanism

These window treatments have gained immense popularity with homeowners around the world owing to the benefits of energy efficiency, attractiveness, class, style, design options, and ergonomics, to name a few. Almost all casement windows come with more or less the same components, but if we have to look at different window types, these windows thus are available in three varying options.

To know which casement window will be the perfect fit for your home will eventually depend on the building structure of your house, the kind of climate you live in, the budget that you can spare for buying these windows, and of course your personal preference.

Here are the three casement window designs that you can consider buying.

  1. Casement windows in single frame: These windows that come with a single frame are the most standard style that you will find in the entire range. As the name suggests, the window comprises of only one frame. Inside this frame, there are glass panels that are known as lights. The lights are further divided by wooden bands. How the windows open –whether in or out – depends on how on their mounting style.
  1. Double casement windows: These windows were formerly known as the French casement windows. These comprise of two windows that are hinged on both the sides. These windows when opened, swing outwards and when closed, come together to meet in the middle. These windows are more expensive than single hinged ones, but they do add a degree of exclusivity to a home.
  1. Push-out windows: These windows come in both varieties – single as well as double styles. Push-out windows are operated with a handle instead of a crank. These windows are not very widely popular.

If you are interested in purchasing casement windows for your home, consider these casement windows options from Fenesta. You can also have these custom-designed if you have a particular design in mind.

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