When it comes to the most developed countries in the world Canada is surely considered as one of them. Therefore, the country is really popular among most of the people all around the world. Canada can offer you w good education, nice job, and a healthy lifestyle. Apart from that, Canada is an attractive tourist destination as well. Therefore, it is obvious that many people all across the world will try to visit the country. If you live in India and if you want to visit Canada then you will need an electronic travel authorization or Visa. If you are new to all these things and looking for guidance on how to apply for a Canadian visa then you have landed on the right place.

Different Steps To Follow To Get A Visa For Canada from India


Before you apply for a visitor visa for Canada from India; you need to fulfill few criteria and those criteria are the following.

1) You need to be healthy. If you have any health related complications then you won’t be eligible for visiting Canada. Therefore, before you visit Canada, it is important for you to check up your health thoroughly.

2) Your background history should be absolutely clear. If you have any sort of crime related background then you will not be eligible for travel to Canada. Therefore, if you have future plans for visiting Canada then make sure that your background is absolutely clear.

3) Before you travel to Canada, you have to convince the immigration officer that you have valid reasons to visit the country. You can have different types of reason but make sure the reason is valid and simultaneously it should be convincing as well.

4) Apart from having a convincing reason to visit the country you have to convince the immigration officer that after a certain period of time you will leave the country. If you can do it successfully, then there is a good chance that you can visit the country.

5) In order to get a visit visa in Canada, you also have to show that you don’t have any kind of lack of funds. That means you must have enough money to visit Canada. If you have enough funds, then you can easily get the permission to visit Canada.

6) Whatever the purpose of your visit you need to represent the proper documents. Say, if you want to visit Canada for educational purposes then at that case, you need to represent the proper educational documents. If you want to visit Canada for traveling purposes then also you have to represent the proper documents to the immigration officer as well.

What is the staying time in Canada?

if you visit Canada then after a certain period of time you have to return. The time varies upon the purpose of a visit. If you visit Canada just for traveling purposes then your time limit is 6 months. After 6months you have to return home. Though there is huge relaxation on people who are out there for educational and job purposes.

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