When the babies are born, they are asleep 80% of the time during the day and night. They slowly and gradually learn to form a schedule for sleeping. For parents, choosing sleeping options for the baby is a must because it is believed that the more the baby sleeps in their initial days, the more they grow.

Different Sleeping Options For Baby

There are varieties of Newborn Sleeping options that parents can use. These options would depend on the baby’s safety, convenience, amount of space you have in your home, parent’s comfortability or just personal liking. Parents can use these options at different levels of their growth. They also have the flexibility to change if they feel that it is not comfortable for the baby as well as the parent. Using sleeping options is a good choice but there are other small things that every parent should know for safe sleeping:-

  • Keep smoke absolutely away from the baby before and after birth
  • Create a sleeping environment for the baby for day and night that is safe
  • Always make your baby sleep on back and not on tummy or even side
  • Your baby’s face should always be uncovered while sleeping
  • Keep an eye on the baby for the first six months during their sleep
  • Breastfeed baby timely

These are some tips that you can use for your baby to make them sleep comfortably. Other than these tips, there are some sleeping options for the newborn baby that you can choose from:-

  1. Baby Cot – The cot is a small cradle like bed. Parents can use this option if they want the baby to sleep with them for the first few months. Later, they can move the cot to the baby’s room. While buying a cot, parents should always consider few things like the safety of the cot should be as per the standards set by the government. The mattress should be soft and flat so that the baby feels comfortable. The size of the cot should be enough to use it for the first 12 months.
  2. Co-sleeper – This is a great option for parent who wants to sleep as close as possible to their child, yet not compromise with the safety. The co-sleeper attaches firmly to your mattress, like an extension to your bed. This will help the parents to have an eye level watch on the baby all the time. The only flip side of using co-sleeper is that they do not last much longer than a cot. They can only take 11 kgs of baby weight. So once your baby crosses the limit, then it becomes difficult.
  3. Co-sleeping – Co-sleeping is a good option for parents who don’t want to get into the hassle of getting up and moving around in their sleep. They can comfort the child while lying on the bed. However, co-sleeping is not considered safe for the babies. There have been many instances when parents have suffocated the babies during their sleep. Hence, not a recommended option.

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