Thinning hair or balding is a phenomenon that troubles every man. Advancing age either brings about a receding hairline or excessive hair fall that leads to thin hair. Unfortunately, since this is pretty much a natural phenomenon it can hardly be prevented. However, thanks to the advancements in medical science, ways have been devised by which this issue can be countered. But before we go into the science of hair loss treatment and re-growing techniques, here’s some interesting information on the different types of hairstyles that balding men can try out:

Combover: This is the best way to hide the receding hairline. Back combing the front hair to one side gives a bouncier and fuller look; something that is just apt to hide the fading hair line. This look can be made more stylish if the hair on the side is cropped to give it a fading look.

Different Hairstyles For Balding Men

Spikes: In this style too, the trick lies in carefully styling the longer hairs in the front. You can get short spikes and brush them forward and to hold the hair in place you can even apply a light texturing gel. The sides, in this style too need to be cropped to give a faded look.

The Messy Side Parting: In this style, the hair needs to be cut to medium length with a side parting that is pretty close to the ear. The hair in the front then needs to be back brushed in a little uneven manner to get that Bohemian look.

Balding Fade: In this hairstyle you don’t really hide the receding hairline but flaunt it with style. Just grow the hair in front and back brush the same. A fading side cut with clearly demarcated beard line and sideburns would all the more add to the styling.

The long side parting: This is aptly called the Ivy League style. The long side part and the back brushed hair in front gives you the look of a dashing sophisticated gentleman ready to take on the world.

The back comb: If you have a little thick hair on the sides as well, back comb the same along with that on the front. You must also use a styling gel to hold the back combed strands in place. Also, if you want to wear this look with the business causals, do pay attention to the trim of your beard too, as this style will never look good with anything shabbily worn.

The crew cut: An all-time favourite with men, this style never goes wrong. Right from hiding a receding hair line to flaunting the greys, this hair style can transform every look. If along with a receding hair line you are also troubled with greying hair, worry not, you can always flaunt the greys with a gradient cut.

Bald Fade: If you are troubled with thinning hair, the best way to mask the same is the simple trick of shifting the focus. You can get an overall fading cut and complement the same with a neat close cut beard.

Therefore, with these styling techniques you can always mask your thinning hair or receding hair line and still get that youthful look. However, if you really do not want to spend time in front of the mirror carefully styling your hair, you can simply go for various minimally invasive hair restoration procedures like the Follicular Unit Transplantation Method and get that dense hair back.

What is the Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation Method? And people have various negative and positive reviews of hair transplantation as per their experience.

In this method a fine extractor of 0.5 to 0.8 mm is used to extract healthy hair follicles from a donor site to be implanted in the region with scanty hair using a unique implantation tool.

In this procedure neither is there any scarring of the donor site nor are there other complications related to surgery. Moreover, the hair in the area receiving the implants grows back within 3- 8 months after which you can always style the same as per your liking.

Thus, if thinning hair and the receding hair line have really become major issues for you then you must resort to such technologically superior techniques for quick hair restoration.

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