Since last many years, people have been making use of the supernatural powers or magic for the greedy and fraud purposes. Sometimes, due to family disputes or disputes in a relationship, people wish to have control over people by doing black magic. Black magic makes it possible to hypnotize a person or to force a person to do as you want them to do. There are lots of magicians, sparkly frauds or psychics who have been scamming the people for last many years using supernatural power and scientific powers. There are various people who get skilled in the field of black magic and become a black magic specialist later. These specialists know well how to scam the people and use them for fraud purposes.

black magic

5 types of black magic that Science has made possible:

  1. Mind Reading:

The mind reading technique is much similar to the digestive system of the human being, i.e. hardly matter what are you doing, but you always end up with a bunch of shit. Psychics usually make use of cold reading methods and the leading questions for picking up the clues. Psychics tell that they view some guy wearing a cowboy hat of white, blue and red color and it is told by the spirits that guy loves the country music. That guy in cowboy hat gets bewildered and gives money to psychics for hearing more music. A cold reader who is capable of emulating the abilities of a psychic can fool chumps that chumps need to spend money like anything.

  1. Alchemy:

Alchemy is a type of black magic that has been in use since the ancient time and is a bullshit type of chemistry. You might have heard this word several times when somebody told you that they are capable of turning a lead into the gold. Alchemists also referred as black magic experts, of ancient time were used top integrate the sulfur with gold powder for turning them into a metal that looks yellow. So, the main idea of using alchemy is to fool people by giving them the lead in the sake of gold.

  1. Fortune Teller:

This is the most common and biggest type of black magic that almost everyone might have heard. In this type of magic, a lady also known as a black magic specialist,  is used to keep a crystal ball and that ball is used to predict the fortune of people. Fortune tellers can be wrong many times, but a single correct guess increases their followers.

  1. Palm Reading:

Palm reading is so common type of magic that is the ability to predict the future or evaluating the personality traits of a person. Since your hands and fingers are a great source of information, therefore they can be used to predict the future and personality traits of a person.

  1. Telekinesis:

Telekinesis is the process of interacting with objects with the help of thoughts. For example, magicians misdirect the people by bending the spoon with the mind, whereas if viewed from the top angle, spoon looks unbent. So, these are the magic tricks that magicians use to fool people by saying that they know tricks to do everything magically.

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