Dubai and Singapore both have a luxury and expensive lifestyle. The medium of living is even beyond luxury. Only a few people in the world afford that luxury and those people are the main reason that countries like Dubai and Singapore are expanding day by day. Singapore also erupted from a very basic level region like Dubai. Almost a decade ago, Singapore and Dubai were not very fascinating regions of the globe but the right strategies and decisions made both of them exotic holiday spots even if they are very expensive.


In terms of cost, transport in Dubai is very cheap at Marina Bay. The Bay is a residential block including some of the commercial areas. The transport can be obtained by red lines, trains, cabs, and yachts. The rents for each of them are very low as compared to the living. Dubai is a state of Oil that’s why it’s very cheap in providing high-class transport.

In Singapore, the cost of transport is higher than in Dubai. You will pay a very high amount to cover a distance of a couple of kilometers. Singapore is an independent country and a self-made one as well. They have to earn back what they have spent on the country.


Marina Dubai property is very expensive. Many people cannot afford to have a home owned under their names in Marina Bay Dubai. Therefore, they prefer renting the place. Sometimes the rent is also very high to bear by some middle-class families. Rather than buying homes, people go for Dubai Marina apartments instead.

Singapore, on the other hand, is very famous for its living class. They have converted their style of living according to the western modernity. The cost of the property is as much higher as it is in Dubai. You need to spend a lot of years working to save the money even for a flat in Marina Singapore. Or you can buy one if you are a successful businessman and earning a lot of money.


Dubai has many hotels and restaurants at Marina Bay but none of them is prominent enough. There are skyscrapers in the area that hold restaurants on their highest floors. People enjoy the view of the city from up above. They cost you very much because of the floor and the quality.

Singapore Marina Bay has a splendid world-renowned Marina Bay Sand resort with three towers and a huge pool at the top of the hotel. This hotel is the most expensive and the largest in Singapore.