This article covers the reasons behind why diamond rings are considered to be the best expression of love. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and gifting your loved one a diamond ring shows that you are ready for commitment and will stay close to them forever.

Diamond is one stone that fills many roles perfectly. It is not only the perfect expression of love but is also a great gift to give to anybody. It is a sensible investment and spells class as no other gem does. There is a reason why Diamond rings are just the best gift to consider. Here are a couple of reasons:

The Rare Qualities of a Diamond!

Diamonds are a perfect representation of your love. They are indestructible, rare to find and extremely precious. Just like your love, even diamonds stand the test of time and diamond rings are a perfect remembrance of your love to keep. There is also a myth that says that Cupid’s arrow was embedded with diamonds- which is why it only fits that you give someone a diamond ring to express your feeling.

A Part of a Tradition and the on-going Trends! 

Diamonds have been a favourite accessory of the rich and the royalty right since time immemorial. There are very few trends that etch a place in our hearts forever, and diamonds never cease to take that place. They are beautiful and extremely lovely to wear. For Greeks, Diamonds were said to have a flame that represented the undying flame of love. For Indians, they were a representation of purity and chastity- in both cases making diamond rings quite a lovely gift for your special someone.

In All Shapes and Sizes!

Just like your love does not discriminate, even diamonds are available in various shapes and sizes. They can be amalgamated as per your liking, chiselled into any shape that pleases you. Most women have a special penchant for diamond rings and giving a ring that represents your love is an exceptional feeling. There are various colours that diamonds come in and different sizes- right from a little dot to the size of a fist- you can choose whichever would be liked by your loved one the most and gift it to them.

No better way to Show your Commitment!

A diamond ring is used for engagements for various reasons. First of all, diamonds are extremely close to your heart and have different healing properties. Diamonds when put on your ring finger, would connect to the nerve of your heart directly. In a way, gifting somebody a diamond ring shows that you are ready to stay close to their heart forever. It represents your commitment to them and indicates that you would do anything to keep them happy. You can pick out the best of rings in various colours and customise it as per your loved one’s choice. A diamond is forever just like your love!