The home-work relation is slowly losing its purpose, because technology is allowing countless people to go about their business practically anywhere. All you need is Internet access and a portable computer or mobile phone, and you’re good to go. That is why work is no longer a matter of location, but a matter of comfort, so many are resorting to turning a particular area of their own home into an office. If you want to design and improve your little private business refuge, but do not know exactly where to start, here are a few practical and charming tips to get things in motion…

Designing Your Own Home Office


Despite the previously mentioned fact that work is no longer a matter of location, when it comes to making your own work space at home, it is actually crucial. Whether you want to run a business, telecommute, or simply pay your bills and organize your schedule, an office should be more than just a desk with a chair tucked away in some corner. You need to repurpose a certain part of your home that enables traffic flow and minimizes distractions. It doesn’t have to take away too much space, though, it is all up to your preferences, but ample seating, a roomy desk, and some shelves are simply a must. Also, a word of advice, invest in an ergonomically-correct, comfortable chair; it is worth every penny.


It is always good to have something to stare at, especially if your brain is on a break. You never know when an inspiration might strike you, but if you have something in front of you that is either vibrant, pleasing to the eye, interesting, or even mobile, it can get your thoughts in motion much quicker than a blank wall. A window that welcomes natural light is always a good solution, but if you are in a windowless space, then by all means hang pictures and paintings, add some art, keep your muse close, and make your office into a small shrine. Also, make sure to have enough light to begin with, especially if there is no natural source. Computer monitors can cause a headache and eye straining, so place at least a lamp next to it to pacify the potential ailments.

Designing Your Own Home Office


Just because you want your office to be practical, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice form for function. Yes, all the features inside have to serve you, not the other way around, but try to complement other rooms in your home, too. If you don’t, this room will probably look like a tasteless, alien addition that is exempt from the overall décor. Traditional homes should prompt you to think in the direction of warm wood and soft, comfortable chairs, while contemporary homes are excellent for adding artistic pieces and modern office furniture. As for painting of the walls, well, pick any colour that gets your brain working. Some like bright, cheery tones that spell action and energy; some like calming shades that soothe the mind and keep everything zen. It is entirely up to your taste.


No office is complete without a decent computer, printer, phone, speakers, and other small gadgets and equipment which help the cause. Investing in technology is always a smart move and sometimes it can even be a business life-saver if something needs, for instance, fast processing and a lot of CPU power. Also, Internet access is clearly a must and the faster it is, the better. As for the cords, well, they can be a nuisance, so make sure to hide and protect them accordingly, otherwise they can turn into an annoying wire jungle.

Designing Your Own Home Office

It doesn’t take much to create your own home office, it just needs a little investment and a good sense of interior design which is in accordance with the rest of your house. Considering that you are the owner of your home, you don’t have to pay extra for that space, only for the electric bills maybe. It can be a fun thing to be a few meters away from your work when you get out of bed, just don’t get all lazy when you grow accustomed to it.