Dental Implants – Your Solution For Lost or Missing Teeth

Do you have a missing or lost tooth? Does it embarrassed you while smiling and talking? Dental implants process is an important type of restorative dentistry treatment that will help you restore your missing tooth and enhance smile. An implant is made up of titanium metal that is placed in tooth root as a base for an artificial tooth. If you live in London, several well-known dental clinics are there to offer dental implants treatment to the seeking patients.

Categories of dental implants

There are two categories of dental implants. You may have a look at them for more information.

◦   Subperiosteal implants – Subperiosteal implants are used for single stage process. The implants are placed into the gum tissue on the jaw bone. End parts of posts are protruded from the gums to hold the restorations. This treatment is suitable for people who don’t have enough bone height.

◦   Endosteal implants – Endosteal implants are used for two-stage procedures. They are implanted to the jaw bone directly through a surgical process, a good alternative to detachable dentures or bridges. Endosteal implants are available in different shapes like screw, threaded, cylinder, smooth and bladed.

If you want to replace a set of teeth, it is recommended to ask an experienced dental expert if all on 4 dental implants can meet your needs.

Methods of dental implants

Different methods are involved in the dental implants treatment. Read on to know about them.

◦   Two-stage dental implants – The implant is inserted into the jaw bone and gum tissue through a surgical process. They are not exposed to the mouth and left for healing. After a certain time, a second surgery is required to uncover the implant in order to attach the abutment and restoration.

◦   Single-stage implants – This method includes a longer one-piece implant that is protruded from the gum after getting inserted in the jawbone. Another surgery is not required to uncover the implant and place the abutment and crown since implant and abutment are connected during initial surgery. It is recommended to take extra care during healing process else, implant can be affected to external forces.

Although above two methods of dental implant have similar kind of success rate yet, you should ask your dental expert which method is suitable for your needs.

◦   Immediate loading – In this process, the implant and restoration are placed in a single surgery. The implant is placed through a surgical process immediately after extraction of the tooth and the crown is placed shortly after. A suitable candidate for this procedure should have enough bone volume and density.

Implant surface used in treatments

Different types of surface materials are used in dental implants. Material of the implants is important for stability and long-term result. A porous surface helps increase bone contact in comparison to a smooth surface. Other types of surface treatments are plasma-sprayed hydroxyapatite coating, acid-etched or grit-blasted, roughened surface and a plasma-sprayed or microgroove titanium surface.

Dental implants treatment not only improves your smile but it also helps you enhance your confidence. It is suggested to visit a qualified dentist who performs dental implant in London.

Summary – Dental implants is a treatment procedure to restore lost and missing tooth and provide you with your desired smile. You may contact well-trained dentist to undergo dental implant in London.

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