Did you recently lose a tooth and can’t find a suitable way out of the problem? With the prevailing technologies of dentistry, there has evolved a way which can help you regain your lost tooth and appearance. The cosmetic dental treatment designed for the purpose is Dental implants. It is considered as an appropriate alternative to teeth replacement techniques such as crowns, dentures, etc. It can replace your broken or lost tooth with great efficacy without affecting the surrounding natural tooth. You can find various clinics in and around Colchester to avail the treatment under highly qualified cosmetic dentists. Keep reading to get the detailed information about implants.

Dental Implants - An Efficient Alternative For Teeth Replacement

What are Dental Implants?

Implants are artificial tooth root that forms the support for the crown that is to be placed in the position of lost tooth. The titanium-based metal root makes close contact with the jawbone and holds the new tooth in position.

What are the Types of Implants?

Your dentist in Colchester will inform you about different types of implants that are safe for tooth replacement. The two types are:

  • Endosteal Implant – It is instilled directly into the jawbone with help of a surgery. As soon as the gum tissue heals, another surgical process is carried out and cost is connected to the previous implant. In the final stage, an artificial tooth is fixed on it individually or in a group of denture or bridge.
  • Subperiosteal Implant – It comprises of a frame of metal which is fixed upon the jawbone below the soft tissue. On healing of the gums, the frame gets attached to the jawbone and the posts fitted with the frame extrudes from the gums. Then, as in case of endosteal, the artificial crown or teeth is instilled upon the metal frame.

What is the Treatment Plan for Dental Implants?

When you go for this treatment, you will first have a consultation session with the concerned team of dental experts. Your dentist and periodontist will together decide on the treatment plan in order to deliver the intended result.

As already said, it is a surgical process that replaces a missed or broken tooth. The titanium-made artificial metal root is instilled in the area of treatment making proper adjustments with the surrounding jaw bone. When the soft tissue is healed, a crown or fake tooth is fixed upon the supporting implant. This might take more than one surgery depending upon the type of implant chosen by your dentist.

What is the Average Cost for Implants?

Availing dental implants treatment in Colchester can cost you a hefty amount as it is an expensive alternative for teeth replacement. Despite of the increasing rates of the process, it is worth this expenditure for its natural looking results. If taken proper care implants can last longer and thus, you will have a happy smile for life.

Getting implantation for your missing tooth can prove to be a suitable choice for your damaged or missed tooth. It acts as a strong support system for your new teeth and the natural teeth surrounding it.

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