Education is the basic necessity of life but due to a number of reasons it remained just a dream to many. Walking miles together to reach a school, relocating nearby the schools, heavy costs incurred, slack in the career and a many more reasons held back aspirants from pursuing courses of their choice. With the advent of technology, any course is now available to anybody at any place through online learning. Online learning doesn’t demand the students’ physical presence in schools; this has helped many from relocating or having a break in the profession. Courses can be completed by self-paced learning.

Many universities like Pondicherry University provide a wide range of courses to choose from. A number of PG courses like Master of Commerce in Finance, Master of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Sociology, Master of Arts in Hindi, and MBA courses like MBA in Marketing, MBA in Finance, MBA in International Business, and MBA in Human Resource Management are offered. The university offers multiple modes of admission like spot admission or admission at twinning centres. These are basically two-year courses. MBA course, the first year lays a firm foundation in management topics and the second year focuses on the specialisation chosen. The basic requirement for the course is a degree from any recognised university.

Online learning courseware is designed after detailed discussion and research by scholars from revered institutes like IIMs and IITs. The curriculum is imparted in a hybrid mode striking a perfect balance between synchronous and asynchronous modes. Courseware is dispatched in printed form, available on e-learning portal as well as on smartphones through a smartphone application called “Avagmah”. This equips students with study material anywhere and anytime.

Degree courses are imparted through e-Learning portals where all the course material and sample papers are uploaded and students can access them through student login.Pondicherry also facilitates web conferences, audio and video recordings, lice streaming, email, and internet radio broadcasts, etc. the faculty is at the service 24/7 through emails and live chats. The university also conducts regular faculty meet-up programs to take off the drawback of lack or face-to-face interaction.

Pondicherry University leaves no stone unturned in making the student industry ready. A variety of programs are organised like industry visits, motivational talks of industry stalwarts, internship programs with leading companies, group discussions, etc. with growing demand in the market for scientific business management, there is no dearth of job opportunities as well.