Latest research conducted in 2013 in the UK reveals that over 22 million adults in the United Kingdom alone, which amounts to almost 40% of the population, are experiencing various forms of anxiety at least twice a fortnight, as compared to 32% only five years ago, when the recession was at its peak. Over 21% of the individuals who participated in the study revealed that daily anxiety is a constant problem that they face and overcome.

Defuse The Ticking Mental Health Time Bomb With Physical Exercise

Research From United Kingdom’s largest healthcare charity

Published by United Kingdom’s largest healthcare charity, Nuffield health, the study further revealed that the early indicators of declining mental ability and depression are also on the rise. A disturbing trend in this direction is that an increasing number of general practitioners have begun to prescribe medication to combat anxiety symptoms rather than advise the patient to opt for exercise or physical activity in order to beat poor mental health.

One important highlight of the research also indicates that over 40% of people are now experiencing early signs of depression such as low moods, at least twice a fortnight, as compared to just 29% five years ago. From the percentile, more than 30% of the population who experienced anxiety symptoms and low moods revealed that they are unable to cope with everyday life unless there is an immediate remedial suggestion.

While a further 28% revealed that their anxiety and low moods become so consuming at the time that they find it difficult to work or concentrate on anything important that they are doing at the time.

Common Reasons

Some of the leading reasons for people experiencing low moods are financial problems, family troubles, and concerns at work. When asked about their remedial action for their mental problems, less than 1% of the population revealed that their general practitioner would recommend exercise as a way of diminishing anxiety symptoms and low moods.

Over 47% of the population revealed that their general practitioners would prescribe only medication rather than suggest exercise as an option or combine exercise with low medication.

It is now more important than ever to explore the possibility of a medical proven alternative to medication that is exercise, in order to banish all signs of early depression or low moods amongst individuals.

Additional research from various institutions such as the National Institute For Clinical Excellence, The Mental Health Foundation, and The Department Of Health reveals that daily physical activity is extremely instrumental in reducing anxiety symptoms, decreasing signs of early depression and elevating mood levels.

It is important to note that one must not suddenly begin to start doing a lot of exercise in order to make a difference in their physical and mental well-being, but starting small and building up can make a huge difference in one’s overall outlook towards life. The best way of gaining the most benefit from exercise is to get customised support from experts when you commence any form of physical activity.

Most fitness professionals and health experts are of the opinion that it is important to find out what is the right form of exercise for an individual and thereon help the person to stay on track and progress further for best physical and mental results.

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