India produces the highest number of technical professionals in the world and has been doing so for almost a decade. The IT world is run by the Indian workforce. You cannot just keep Indians out of the game in the technological fields. Data Science is no exception. India has already become a man power hub for global enterprises that employ data science professionals. A lot of service based analytics companies have built their developmental bases in India. There will be more to come. Besides outsourcing Indian data science professionals are finding employment in India as well.

We can anticipate a steep rise

Industries in India have been investing in data analysis for a while; advanced analytics is not as wide spread yet. But very soon more will start investing in advanced analytics. This will, in turn create more data science service providers. Quite clearly we are looking at a rise of data science in India in very near future. This explains the importance of data science courses in India.

One of the largest markets

India features the second largest population in the world. The number of connected devices active in India is also among the highest in the world. A simple deduction will show that India is not only one of the largest markets for literally any industry but it also holds a great amount of opportunity for enterprises to leverage data driven insights. The Indian youth is immersed in tech gadgets though it really takes a lot of effort to impress them into buying something new. If a company has a perfect marketing approach, based on data analysis and predictive analysis, India is a gold mine for it. All of this works in tandem to create a flourishing job market for data science professionals.

The salary aspect

 Although data science is arguably the most rewarding field in a global perspective the Indian scene is a bit different. Big data skills earn you 8% more than data science skills. This may be attributed to the fact that the use of data science in Indian enterprises is not nearly at its peak. But advanced analytics in India has a plenty of room to flourish. So completing your data science course in India means your future ready. Another obvious yet interesting fact is, Indian enterprises pay you more, nearly 14lac per annum as opposed to 10lac per annum, if you are proficient with both big data and data science tools. If you are a big data professional, getting a data science training greatly increases your chances to command a better salary.

Among the Indian cities Mumbai pays its data scientists the most but it is also the costliest city to live in. Other cities like Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, and Bengaluru also, also hold a lot of opportunities.

 There are plenty of data science courses in India. The online courses that provide industry specific and well targeted training are the ideal ones. Separate courses are usually available to focus on different tools. All you need to do is choose your path and become a part of the blooming data science workforce in India.